Electricity Price Surged To All-Time Record For March

Must Know Headlines


Obama Reveals Next Goal: Control Executive Pay
And Change How People Get

IRS Audits Of Small Businesses Soar Under Obama

Zynga CEO Gives $1M To Obama Super PAC,
Pink Slips To 160 Employees 

 Gay GOP Campaign Worker Beaten Nearly To Death
For Being A Gay GOP Campaign Worker

8,803,335: Another New Record For Disability—
Up 975 Per Day Under Obama

 2 More Americans Killed In Attack By
Shooter In Afghan Police Uniform


 Union And Dem Super PACs Team Up To Label Mitt Romney A “Traitor”

Former VP Aide Writes Angry Tell-All,
Trashes ‘Financially Illiterate’ Obama-Biden

Slain SEAL’s Father: Clinton Promised To Prosecute
YouTube Filmmaker For Benghazi Attack

 Joe Biden To Father Of Former Navy SEAL Killed In Benghazi:
‘Did Your Son Always Have Balls the Size Of Cue Balls?’

As Usual, Obama Drones Trash Park After Obama Rally

Barack Obama

Obama Economic Recovery Is As Bad As It Appears

Obama Grants an Interview: To MTV

Obama Again Falsely Claims Planned Parenthood Does Mammograms

Obama Campaign Positions Minorities,
Women Behind President At Most Rallies

While Romney Argues Case, Obama Urges Early Voting

THIS Is How Obama Will Grant Amnesty To Millions Of Illegals

 Illegal Immigration Rising

Obama Uses Profanity To Describe Mitt Romney

 Spending On White House Dinners Soars Under Obama

Democrat-Activist Media

Ed Schultz Suckered By Bogus Story That Tagg Romney
Owns Voting Machines In Ohio

Media Ignores Obama’s Libya Scandal 

Broadcast Media Outlets Continue To Ignore
Obama’s Campaign Financing Scandal

Blaze Fact Check: Rachel Maddow Laments Election Scenario
Where Boehner Becomes President — But That’s Impossible

WashPost Buries Benghazi Emails Story on A9, Plastered Front Page
With Puffy Piece On Obama Counterrorism Advisor

 10 Questions The Media Never Ask Pro-Abortion Candidates

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