IRS Gives Free Pass To Famous Obama Leftist Group But
Strips Tax-Exempt Status From Small Conservative Nonprofit

Must Know Headlines


Federal Judge: Hobby Lobby Must Offer Morning-After Pill

More Big Labor-Induced Misery: The Looming Port Strike

 TVA Is Owned By The Federal Government,
Top Executive Gets 10 Times Obama’s Pay 

Bakers’ Union has 8 Vice Presidents And 2 Million In Executive Salaries

City University Of New York Professor:
Whites May Start “Race War” Against Latinos

 Anti-Israel Beat Poet Serves Up Misinformation At Portland State

War On Israel Updates: Savages Target Children, Schools, Hospitals,
Enemedia Cheers Them

Barack Obama

Obama Quickly Crushing The Hopes Of Small Business

Planned Parenthood Takes Credit For Re-Electing Obama

100 Members Of Congress Ask Obama To Steer Clear Of Rice

Obama Repeatedly Mispronounces Aung San Suu Kyi

Romney Right About Obama’s Gifts To Special Groups


It’s The Union Way!
Unions Losing Jobs For Its Members

CNN Poll: Minority Of Democrats Support Israel In Gaza

Say No To Susan- Don’t Reward Her Bad Behavior

Something Wrong With A Movement That In 2012,
Counts It A Victory To Destroy An Employer At The Cost Of Its
Members Losing All Their Good Jobs At Good Wages

 State Dept Refuses To Say If Israeli Ground
Assault Counts As Self-Defense

 EPA Tells Americans To Finish Their Leftovers

Democrat-Activist Media

ABC Relays Terrorist Claim Israel Provoked Hamas Rocket Attacks

MSNBC: Hamas Follows Truces, Israel Doesn’t

NYT Once Again Unaware Of Terrorists In Gaza

Israel Hatred At The Huffington Post

The Onion Goes Anti-Semitic

 No Joke: Liberal Comedian John Fugelsang— Yeah, Hamas Is Terrorist
Organization, But At Least They Were Elected

Media Freak Out Over Rubio’s Remarks On Age Of  The Earth

Rubio vs The Liberal Media

MSNBC’s Richard Wolffe Smears McCain As A Bigot:
‘There’s No Other Way To Look At It’

Benghazi, Gaza, And The Killers Of CNN



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