Dinesh D’Souza: Bundy Ranchers Are Facing Real Domestic Terror
From Their Own Government (Video)

Must Know Headlines


1,100 Green Berets Set Record Straight On Guns—
‘AR-15 Is Not An Assault Rifle. It Is A Single Shot Semi-Automatic’

Using Children As Props To Abolish Second Amendment:
Giving Up Our Rights Won’t Protect The Children From Anybody


 LaPierre: Don’t Blame Us For The Deranged

Man Charged Who Assaulted Pregnant Girlfriend In The Stomach With Baseball Bat

Jihadist Website Posts New Al Qaeda Threat That Promises
“Shocking And Terrifying” Attacks On US And The West


Obama Operatives Training Media How To Sell Obamacare

IRS Begins Implementation Of 2,700 Page Healthcare Bill

IRS Offers Up 73 Pages Of Regulations On Obamacare Penalties

IRS: Parents Must Pay Federal Fine For Uninsured Kids

Obamacare Medical Device Tax Costs Another 100 Jobs

Barack Obama

Media Bias In The Age Of Obama

Long After Election Day, Major Donors Keep Giving To Obama

2 Years And 4 Meetings Later,
Obama Shuts Down ‘Jobs Council’

Obama Eliminates Breakfast For US Troops
In Afghanistan, Stuffs Own Face


The Fine Print: The “Must Pay Their Taxes” Provision In The Obama Amnesty


Schumer (D): We Won’t Let Border Security Block The Path To Citizenship

FBI Raid Shines Light On Senator’s (D) Hooker Scandal

Thanks To Democrats – US Now 100% Dependent On 19
Strategic Rare Metals & Minerals – 11 Of Those From China

Democrats Ask NFL, NBA Teams For Suggestions
On How To Stop Global Warming

The EPA Once Again Raises Its Biofuels Standards —
For Biofuels That Still Do Not Exist

Democrat-Activist Media

The ‘Obamedia’ Ignore Major Events, Fabricate Others

Revolving Door Spins Again:
Boston Globe’s Glen Johnson To Kerry’s State Department

MSNBC Will Not Apologize For Deceptive
Editing Of Sandy Hook Parent ‘Heckling’

Mali Reveals The Media’s Gaza Bias

Chris Matthews, Who Has Compared His Opponents To Nazis,
Whines About Too Much ‘Hate’ In Politics

ABC’s Diane Sawyer Frets Over A Nation ‘Awash In Guns’

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