Obamacare Stories Ignore Taxes, Penalties 88 Percent Of The Time

Must Know Headlines 1.9.2010


Economy Loses 85,000 Jobs In Dec.; Unemployment Rate Stuck At 10 Percent

 $400-600 Million To Try Terrorists In NYC

Terror In The Skies Requires Real Action On The Ground

Change You Can Believe In

New Obama ‘Green Jobs’ To Cost $135,295 Each

Change. Judge Throws Out Evidence Against Gitmo Detainee

Obama Still Targeting Bush In Blame Game

Obama’s New Year Gift To The Saudi King

Obama Administration Underestimated The
Immediate Threat Posed By ‘Al Qaeda In The Arabian Peninsula’

Global Warming

Meteorologist Predicts Global Cooling

It’s Freezing: Must Be Global Warming

Global Warmists’ Mouths Frozen Shut

Democrat-Run Healthcare

Government Health Care: Like Your Local Cable Monopoly On Steroids

The Few Standing Between Current Law And Tax Payer Funded Abortion

Old Media

MSNBC: Obama Thinks Intel Failure Is Conspiracy Against Him

Networks Downplay $42 Million In ‘Outrageous’ Bonuses,
‘Unlimited’ Bailout Of Fannie, Freddie


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