Must Know Headlines


‘White Supremacist’ Shooting Of 7-Year-Old
Black Girl: Gunman Turns Out To Be Black

156,945,000: 2018 Ends With Record Employment;
Participation Rate Hits Trump-Era High

NYC Ignored Detainers On Illegal Immigrant
Who Attacked NYPD Officer

Golden Globes: Anti-Gun Hollywood
Surrounded By Security Walls And Armed Guards

Trump: I Have ‘Scary’ Amount Of Power
If Supreme Court Says DACA Can’t Be Dismantled

ILLEGAL Immigration

Sanctuary City Sheriff Releases ILLEGAL Alien
Charged With Murder in North Carolina

In Memoriam:  Americans Allegedly
Killed By Illegal Aliens In 2018

Trump: ‘May Declare A National Emergency’ To Build Wall

Once Upon A Time, When Schumer & Pelosi  Supported
Everything Trump Wants On Illegal Immigration


Dem Presidential Candidate Asked About Top
National Security Threat, Names Trump

Nancy Pelosi Prays “Lord Make Me A Channel
For Thy Peace,” Then Votes To Fund Abortions

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Floats 70% Tax
On Wealthy To Pay For ‘Green New Deal’

Nancy Pelosi Claims Constitution Gives
Her Equal Power To President Trump

Democrat Rashida Tlaib Doubles Down
On Calling Trump ‘Motherf**ker’

Elizabeth Warren Compares Scrutiny Of
Her ‘Native American Ancestry’ To ‘Birtherism’

Cardin: ‘We Will Not Support A Wall’

Democrat-Activist Media

Mainstream Media Retracts Story That White
Supremacist Kills Black Girl In Houston

Golden Globes Winner Thanks Satan
For Inspiration Playing Cheney

NY Times Makes Up ‘Far Right’ Offense
Over Rep. Ocasio-Cortez Dance Clip

LIBERAL HATE: Writer For ‘The Root’ Hopes
Dana Loesch Slowly Burns To Death In Car Fire

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