Must Know Headlines


Sri Lanka Easter Bombings Aimed At Christians:
Terrorists Described As Religious Extremists

Evidence Shows Obama Deep State May Have Unmasked
Trump Business Associates As Early As The Spring Of 2015!

Man Who Killed Ottawa Cyclist Obstructed Justice
Because He Feared Racist Police, Avoids Jail Time

ILLEGAL Immigration

Mexican Troops Disarm American
Military Personnel North Of The Border

‘This Is A War’: Meet The Texas Ranchers
Forming Their Own Border Militia

Contract For Tent Facility In El Paso
Is Awarded To New York Company


Democrat Coordinated Attack On Christianity Call
Sri Lanka Terror Victims ‘Easter Worshipers’

Pelosi: “We Have No Taint” Of
Anti-Semitism In The Democratic Party

WRONG: Linda Sarsour Urges Muslims To Support
Rep. Ilhan Omar, ‘The Best Our Community Has To Offer’

DNC/Clinton/Obama Concocted A ‘Knowing Lie’
About Trump/Russia Collusion

The Terrorist Caucus In The House: Ilhan Omar Has Exposed
The Greatest Liability America Faces In The Global Terror War

Maxine Waters: ‘I Call Out’ The ‘Patriotism’
Of Those Standing With Trump

Ocasio-Cortez Targeted By Mystery Multimillionaire Donor

Democrat-Activist Media

The Ridiculous Feud Between CNN’s April Ryan
And Fox News’ Mike Huckabee Examined

Cardi B Could Face Prison Time After Rejecting
Plea Deal In Strip Club Melee Case

WashPost ‘Fact Checker’ Hides The ‘Pinocchios’
Again — For Buttigieg Taking On Pence

Nets Skip Pelosi On CNN Saying Dems
Have ‘No Taint’ Of Anti-Semitism

Fox Crook Donna Brazile Defends Obama On Russia Spygate


Koch-Funded Daily Caller Smears Milo As ‘White Supremacist
Type’ As It Partners With Facebook To Censor Other Sites