Must Know Headlines


The Coming Democrat Meltdown: AG Barr Says He
Found A Way to Get Key Citizenship Question On Census

Trump’s Citizenship Question Isn’t Controversial.
Obama Deleting It Should’ve Been

Trump ‘Dossier’ Author Grilled By
Justice Department Watchdogs: Sources

WATCH: ABC News’ Martha Raddatz Grills
Rashida Tlaib Over Fake Border Outrage


Top Immigration Official Says ICE Is Ready
To Deport 1 Million Undocumented Immigrants

Judge: No Death Penalty For Illegal Alien
Accused Of Murdering Grant Ronnebeck

Illegal Migrant Apprehensions Dropped
By More Than 37,500 In June


Dem. Pres. Candidate Cory Booker Personally
Smuggles Five Illegal Aliens Across U.S. Border

Elizabeth Warren: Crossing The Border Illegally
Should Not Be A Criminal Offense

AOC: Help ILLEGAL ALIENS! Give $34 Billion To NYC

Ilhan Omar Embellished Story (LIED) About Elderly
Black Woman Arrested For Shoplifting

Liberal Media HIDES Violent, Profanity-Laced Meltdown By
Freshman Democrat Rashida Tlaib At
Migrant Detention Center (VIDEO)

Dem Rep. Tlaib: Border Detention Centers
Are ‘Absolutely’ Concentration Camps

Trump Compares Ocasio-Cortez To Nazi
Sympathizer, AOC Takes It As A Compliment

Flashback: Kamala Harris Called 18-24-Year-Olds
‘Stupid’; ‘That Is Why We Put Them in Dormitories’


Epstein Sexually Abused Dozens Of Girls As Young As 14: Charges

Clinton Library Refuses To Hand Over Info On Bill’s Ties To Epstein

Bill Clinton Denies Knowing Anything About His
Pedophile Friend Jeffery Epstein But Flight Logs Show Otherwise

 Pilot Logs Reveal ALMOST EVERY TIME Bill Clinton
Flew On Epstein’s Lolita Express —

Democrat Congresswoman Will Not Return
Campaign Contributions From Epstein

Contrary To Fake News Spin, President Trump Is A
Whistle-Blower Against Jeffrey Epstein, Not A Co-Conspirator

Democrat-Activist Media

HERE WE GO: Fake News Media Tries Desperately
To Link Trump To Child Sex Offender Jeffrey Epstein
When The Opposite Is True

Vanity Fair Removed Mention Of Young
Girls In My 2002 Epstein Exposé 

Woke Google Skips Honoring Independence Day — But Runs
Patriotic Theme After Trump-Bashing Women’s Soccer Team Wins

NYT: Middle-Class Americans Must Sacrifice
Their Suburbs To Aid Poor Immigrants

MSNBC’s Ruhle: Kamala Harris Not Liberal,
Just ‘Too Black’ For Critics