Apple Producing One Million Face Shields A Week For Healthcare Workers In China


“We’re sourcing materials and manufacturing in the U.S. and China,” he said. 

Tim Cook’s use of Communist labor shows his support of Communists and how they treat their people and animals.

Tim Cook has (forced) aborted babies and dog meat on his breath.

Boycott China and Apple.


Epoch Times:

Apple Chief Executive Tim Cook said the company plans to ship 20 million face shields around the world to assist hospitals reporting shortages of medical equipment due to the CCP virus pandemic.

The tech giant is aiming to produce at least one million face shields for medical workers per week, Cook said in a video on Sunday.

“We’ve launched a company-wide effort, bringing together product designers, engineering, operations and packaging teams, and our suppliers to design, produce, and ship face shields for health workers,” Cook said.

Cook said the company had sourced the equipment through its global supply chain and that it was working “continuously and closely” with governments “at all levels” to distribute the face shields where they are need most urgently, in what he described as a “truly global effort.”

“We’re sourcing materials and manufacturing in the U.S. and China,” he said. “We plan to ship over one million by the end of this week, and over one million per week after that.”

……President Donald Trump on Monday praised the company for ramping up its production facilities to produce the critical supplies amid the outbreak of the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus, commonly known as the novel coronavirus. READ MORE

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