Must Know Headlines


Did You Get Your ObamaCare Letter Yet?

Michelle Obama Sports $6,800 Jacket To London Soiree …
Update: Jacket Cost More Than What Average US Family Makes In 1 Month

Thousands Of Christians Run For Their Lives:
Who Will Take In Faithful Fleeing Violence Of Syria’s Arab Spring?

White Man Who Was Doused With Gas & Set On Fire
By 2 Hoodied Black Males Dies At Burn Center

Chicago: Mob Of Mostly Black Teens Steals
$3K Of Jeans From Wicker Park Store

Romney Backs Jerusalem As Israel’s Capital, Iran As Mortal Threat

‘Non-Partisan’ Voter Registration Group Has Ties To Top Democrats

Barack Obama

Starts His Day @ 11:10, Attends A Ceremony,
Flies To NYC To Hit 1 Fundraiser Then Flies Home

A Younger Obama Considered His First Employer, “The Enemy”

Top Human Traffickers Need Not Fear Obama

Million-Dollar Donor To Obama Super PAC Calls Romney’s Religion A ‘Cult’

Sen. Ayotte: Obama ‘Outsourced’ His Leadership To United Nations

Netanyahu Contradicts Obama’s Claim That
Are Helping To Thwart Iran

New Immigrant Plan May Cost Tax Payers $585 Million

Book Bombshell: Obama Canceled Bin Laden ‘Kill’
Raid Three Times At Jarrett’s Urging

Labor Unions

Teachers Unions Protecting Pedophiles

ACLU, Union Caught In Reform Kill Plot

Democrat-Activist Media

Sexist Media Lapdogs: CNN Plays ‘Stupid Girls’
As Intro To Sarah Palin At Chick-fil-A Story

Media Ignores Democrat, Union Donors When Decrying Money In Politics

Networks Showcase Newsweek’s Romney ‘Wimp Factor’ Cover

AP’s Kuhnhenn Cites A ‘Rare Swipe’ At Romney By Obama
(Actually At Least the Fifteenth This Month)

Here’s a Round-Up Of How The Mainstream Media Covered Restoring Love

The Media’s Racial Prison

Russell Brand on Palin’s Popularity: ‘People Want To F*** Her’


Muslim Olympic Guard Faces The Sack For Spitting At An Army Hero
Drafted In To Boost Security — And Yelling: “Baby Killer”

Bizarre Scene As Dumbfounded Freedom Fighters
Watch Olympic Opening Ceremonies Pay Tribute To NHS

Fool’s Gold: British Taxpayer Is Olympics’ Biggest Loser

London Olympics: Troops And Students Drafted In To Fill Empty Seats  


The Sad Truth About Bad Bulbs