Mother Of Keith Scott Claims Book He Was Reading
When He Was Shot By Police Was The Koran

Must Know Headlines


Did You Get Your ObamaCare Letter Yet?

Michelle Obama Sports $6,800 Jacket To London Soiree …
Update: Jacket Cost More Than What Average US Family Makes In 1 Month

Thousands Of Christians Run For Their Lives:
Who Will Take In Faithful Fleeing Violence Of Syria’s Arab Spring?

White Man Who Was Doused With Gas & Set On Fire
By 2 Hoodied Black Males Dies At Burn Center

Chicago: Mob Of Mostly Black Teens Steals
$3K Of Jeans From Wicker Park Store

Romney Backs Jerusalem As Israel’s Capital, Iran As Mortal Threat

‘Non-Partisan’ Voter Registration Group Has Ties To Top Democrats

Barack Obama

Starts His Day @ 11:10, Attends A Ceremony,
Flies To NYC To Hit 1 Fundraiser Then Flies Home

A Younger Obama Considered His First Employer, “The Enemy”

Top Human Traffickers Need Not Fear Obama

Million-Dollar Donor To Obama Super PAC Calls Romney’s Religion A ‘Cult’

Sen. Ayotte: Obama ‘Outsourced’ His Leadership To United Nations

Netanyahu Contradicts Obama’s Claim That
Are Helping To Thwart Iran

New Immigrant Plan May Cost Tax Payers $585 Million

Book Bombshell: Obama Canceled Bin Laden ‘Kill’
Raid Three Times At Jarrett’s Urging

Labor Unions

Teachers Unions Protecting Pedophiles

ACLU, Union Caught In Reform Kill Plot

Democrat-Activist Media

Sexist Media Lapdogs: CNN Plays ‘Stupid Girls’
As Intro To Sarah Palin At Chick-fil-A Story

Media Ignores Democrat, Union Donors When Decrying Money In Politics

Networks Showcase Newsweek’s Romney ‘Wimp Factor’ Cover

AP’s Kuhnhenn Cites A ‘Rare Swipe’ At Romney By Obama
(Actually At Least the Fifteenth This Month)

Here’s a Round-Up Of How The Mainstream Media Covered Restoring Love

The Media’s Racial Prison

Russell Brand on Palin’s Popularity: ‘People Want To F*** Her’


Muslim Olympic Guard Faces The Sack For Spitting At An Army Hero
Drafted In To Boost Security — And Yelling: “Baby Killer”

Bizarre Scene As Dumbfounded Freedom Fighters
Watch Olympic Opening Ceremonies Pay Tribute To NHS

Fool’s Gold: British Taxpayer Is Olympics’ Biggest Loser

London Olympics: Troops And Students Drafted In To Fill Empty Seats  


The Sad Truth About Bad Bulbs

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