Must Know Headlines


Jobless Ranks Rose In 90% of US Cities In June

Congressman: ‘We’re Still Home Of The Brave,
But We’re Not The Land Of The Free Anymore’

‘Tax Hike On Rich’ Only Covers 16% Of Deficit


Obamacare Robs Medicare Of $716 Billion To Fund Itself

ObamaCare Buys Support By Forcing Insurers To Pay Rebates

Planned Parenthood Celebrates Obama HHS Mandate Starting Yesterday

Inhofe Introduces Bill To Avoid Sequester With Obamacare Repeal


Obama DHS Caves In To Big Labor, Kills Chemical Plant Security Plan

Government Motors Spends $600M On UK Soccer Promo

Obama’s Budget Director Blames Republicans For Defense Cuts

Latest Department “Of Energy Taxpayer Cash Dump: ‘Volt-Ville’

The Obama Campaign: Like Demagoguery, Only Dumber

San Francisco Library Installs Privacy Screens For Easy Porn Viewing

 Chick-fil-A & The Close-Minded Left

‘Choke To Death On That LGBT Hating Chicken’:
See How The Left Is Reacting To ‘Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day’

Fla. Reporter Goes To Chick-fil-A, Finds Astounding ‘Level Of Hatred,
Unfounded Fear, And Misinformed People’

Chick-Fil-A Day Not What The Media Portrays

 VIDEO: Man Bullies Chick-Fil-A Employee Over Gay Marriage Issue

Shepard Smith Slams “National Chick-fil-A Day”
As National Day Of Intolerance (Video)

Barack Obama

OBAMA LIES! Calls Study Written By Former Staffer “Non-Partisan”

Exposed! Obama’s 2nd-Term ‘Marxist’ Jobs Plan

The President And His Advisers Have A Long History
Of Leaking Private Records To The Press

Obama Schedule: Starts Day @ 10:15,
Delivers Remarks, & Campaign Events

Democrat-Activist Media

Media Shows Its Bias, Calls Romney’s Truths ‘Gaffes’

Hollywood Revs Up Propaganda Machine For Obama

The Insufferably Smarmy Brian Williams Makes Up History

Andrea Mitchell Defends Palestinian Outrage,
Gets Schooled By Romney Foreign Policy Advisor

Kevin Spacey Refers To Romney As A ‘Murderous Politician’

Horsing Around: Networks Cover Romney’s Horse Twice Kerry’s Windsurfing

Media Orgasms Over Bogus CBS Poll

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