Must Know Headlines


$465 For Amnesty: Obama To Make Illegals Legal Before Election Day

Obama Golfs For 104th Time As President

Obama’s Budget Would Add $10.6 Trillion In Federal Debt

GAO: $460 Million Food Stamp Benefits Went To
Households Ineligible Under Federal Limits

TSA Unionizes

Paul Ryan: Obama’s Policies Are Feverishly
Creating More Takers Than Makers

Planned Parenthood Never Called 911 For Abortion Victim

Muslim Honor Killing Parents Get 25-Year Sentence
For Murder Of Too Westernized Daughter

ILLEGAL Immigration

ICE Agents Punished For Enforcing The Law

Obama Immigration Policy Opens Work Permit Door
To ID Thieves, Jailed Illegals, Uninsured Drivers

OUTRAGE: Drunk Illegal Alien With FOUR DUIs
Kills Baby In New Mexico


Barack Obama

Obama Plan: ‘You Lose Your Job, I Keep Mine’

Obama: Paying More Taxes is “Patriotic”

Obama: Close-Minded Economic Bigot

Is Your Neighbor A Democrat? Obama Has An App For That

Rep. Allen West: Obama Campaign’s “Political Attack”
Against Our Military Is “Unconscionable”

Watch Out, Your Town Could Be Next Victim Of
Obama’s War On The Suburbs

The Free Market Is Dying The Death Of A Thousand
OBAMA Regulatory Power-Grabs


Obama Campaign Sues In Bid To Suppress Military Vote

Democrat Rents Farmland To Telecom,
Sponsors Legislation Favorable To That Telecom

Obama Administration’s War on Persecuted Christians

Reid: My Source On Romney’s Taxes Is So Incredibly Credible
That I Won’t Say Who He Is

Two Years Ago: Tax Cheat Timmy Wrote
“Welcome To The Recovery” For NY Times


175,000 Fewer Women Held Jobs In July;
94,000 Dropped Out Of Labor Force

White House: Unemployment Rate Is 8.254% Not 8.3%


Heavy Media Presence At L.A. Chick-fil-A:
“Kiss In” Requires Police Response

And So It Begins: Chick-Fil-A Vandalized

Pics From The Hollywood Chick-Fil-A “Kiss-In”
– “Jesus Is A C*nt”

New Leftist Pastime: Harassing Chick-fil-A Employees At The Drive-Thru (Video)

Democrat-Activist Media

Shameful Lapdogs: Police Called To ‘Kiss In’ Location;
Media Harassing Chick-Fil-A Employees

CNN Features Long-Time Unemployed Worker Voting For Obama

Rachel Maddow Pushes Discredited Romney
Tax Return Conspiracy Theory…From 2002

Testy Soledad O’Brien Attacks Coal CEO For
Stating Obama Targeted His Industry

NBC Stumbles Into PC Trap 

Salon Writer Suffers ‘Pangs Of Discomfort’
Watching Americans Cheer Team USA


Dealing With The Devil In Syria