Podesta Emails Confirm Dems Rigged Polling
Samples To Ensure Hillary's 'Lead'

Must Know Headlines


 Pro-Obama Ad Blames Mitt Romney For Death of Steel Worker’s Wife
– Even Though Romney Left Bain Before Plant Closed (Video)

Now White House Collecting Your Personal Info:
You Won’t Believe What Obama’s Up To Now

Federal Government’s Open-Door Immigration
Policy On Welfare FINALLY Under Fire

Gunmen Kill 19 Christians During Nigerian Church Service

 Abortion Practitioner Refers To Killing “Ugly Black Babies”

Study: Businesses See Healthcare Costs Rising 7 Percent Next Year

Medicaid A Broken System That Can’t Withstand More Pressure

 Barack Obama

Unreal: Obama DOJ Goes After Top Romney Donor Sheldon Adelson

Obama Stoops To New Fundraising Lows

Today Obama Hits 2 Reelection Fundraisers

Obama Keeping The Military From Voting In Ohio

Obama Considering Another End-Run Around
Congress On Cybersecurity Executive Order

Obama Warns “Romney Hood” Will Steal From
Poor To Give To Rich …(Obama Hates Capitalism)

College Classmate: ‘The Obama Scandal Is At Columbia’

Gallup Poll: Many Obama Voters Jumping Ship


Obama Administration Paves The Way For Sharia Law

DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz Refuses
To Repudiate Harry Reid Over Romney Income Tax Charge

Pelosi: Harry Reid’s Accusation Against Romney Is ‘True’ And ‘A Fact’

Behind Reid’s Big Lie About Romney Is A Big Motive

Report: Cronyism Likely Behind Holder’s Failure To Charge Wall Street Bankers

 Michelle Obama: ‘Building Our Economy Starts With The Restaurants’

 Top Obama Adviser Received $100K Speaking Fee
From Company Doing Business With Iran

Sikh Temple Killer

Standing In Solidarity With The Sikhs

Report: Feds Tracked Sikh Killer For Decades

Racist Wisconsin Killer Gave Online Advice
On What To Do Were Herman Cain Elected


Democrat-Activist Media

Reporter With Convictions:
Soros-Funded Outfit Hires Convicted Criminal

WaPo Random Act Of Journalism: US Economy Lost 1.2 Million Jobs In July

Sure, Guys: CNN, AP Want Us To Believe Monday’s Market
Increase Was Still Due To Friday’s Jobs Report

CNN Labels Wisconsin Shooter’s Racist Neo-Nazi Band As ‘Far Right’

Con Job: Media Complicit In Harry Reid’s Tax Smear

Schultz Tries To Make Sikh Temple Shootings
An Embarrassment For Michelle Malkin


“Global Jihad Terrorists” Attack Egypt Base, Killing 15, Infiltrate Israel

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