Must Know Headlines


Meet The Real Workers Obama Screwed Over 

The United States Of Dependency

100 Million In U.S. On Some Form Of Welfare

Obama: ‘Let’s Repeat Auto Bailout With Every Industry’!

Man Sentenced To 30 Days For Catching Rain
Water On Own Property Enters Jail

Federal Court Upholds Marriage In Hawaii


Three U.S. Soldiers Lured To Dinner, Killed By Afghan Police

Slap: Iraq Prepares To Release Terrorist Accused Of Killing U.S. Soldiers

Barack Obama

The Obama Base Will Believe Any Lie About Romney

Now Left Trying To Tie Mitt Romney To El Salvador Death Squads

Obama To Finally Solve America’s Problems By
Sending Bus To Chase Romney Around

Obamacare Already Restricting Access To Care And Causing Higher Prices

Obama Had Solyndra Briefing At Least Two Months Before It Failed

New Obama Ad Picks Up Where Harry Reid Left Off:
Did Romney Pay A 0% Tax Rate?

Mark Levin: Obama Sounds Just Like Hugo Chavez


Super PAC Released Ad Depicting Allen West Punching White Woman

IRS Discourages Employees From Detecting Fraud

Democratic Convention Shuts Down Local Small Businesses

Anti-Romney DNC Bus Blocks Food Truck’s Parking Spot

Labor Chief, Who Makes $290,000 A Year,
Says Romney ‘Doesn’t Identify With Us’

Meet Stephanie Cutter, Lying Liar Who Lies

Former U.S. Attorney: Michele Bachmann Is Right
To Question Clinton Aide’s Background

Democrat-Activist Media

New York Times Falsely Links White Supremacist Groups To Tea Party

Huffington Post Demeans Orthodox Jews

Chick-fil-A Controversy Exposes Media’s Anti-Christian Bias
And Free Speech Double Standard

Non-Partisan? CNN Uses Dem Talking Point To ‘Fact-Check’ Romney Ad

MSNBC’s Thomas Roberts Embraces
‘Freedom From Religion,’ Pegs Chick-fil-A As Racists

Occupy Activist Alleges Olbermann Show Knew
About Occupy Rapes, Failed To Report Them

Liberal Media Struggle To Defend Obama Campaign Ad


Iran’s Nuclear Weapon Program Designed To Annihilate Israel, Says Hezbollah MP