Must Know Headlines


Sheriff Joe Raids GNC Nutrition: 21 Illegals Using Stolen IDs
(Including Those of Dead Americans)

10,000 Dead Virginia Voters

RUSH WAS RIGHT: Obama Says He Wants
To Repeat Auto Takeover In Every Industry

Four States Have Legalized Stalking For Unions

The Gay Marriage Movement Has
Finally Crossed The Line Into Insanity

Ethanol Mandate Ignores The Free Market

OBAMA STIMULUS: Wind Subsidies Go To Countries Overseas


Obamacare Mandate: Sterilize 15-Year-Old Girls For Free–
Without Parental Consent

Obama Backers Can’t Explain Why Abortion-HHS Mandate Is Good

Voter Fraud May Have Given Us Obamacare

Paul Ryan, Mitt Romney’s VP Is Now Live

Pushing Granny Over A Cliff: The Ad That Obama Supporting
Democrats Used Against Paul Ryan

The Roots Of Paul Ryan

Five Best Paul Ryan Speeches

Paul Ryan Sends His First Tweet From @PaulRyanVP

Barack Obama

Obamanomics: Bailing Out ‘Every Industry’
GM-Style Would Cost $17 Trillion

Obama Praises Clinton Aide Abedin At White House Ramadan Dinner

Cybersecurity: President Threatens To Override Congress

Figures… Obama’s Favorite Author Is Suspended For Plagiarizing

Mr. President, Protect Our Troops

Obama Government Delays Shell’s Drilling Operations In The Arctic


Holder Calls Sikh Temple Shooting ‘Act Of Terrorism’,
Continues To Label Fort Hood Massacre As ‘Workplace Violence’

LAWSUIT: Napolitano (D)-Run Homeland Security Treated Male Staffers
Like Lapdogs; Screamed At Him Using Sexually Humiliating Language

Ten Donors Financing Obama’s Super PAC Smears

NAACP Deems Lefty Ad Depicting Allen West
Punching Elderly White Woman “Not Racist”

Disgraced Liar Joe Soptic To @CNN: ‘Obama Camp Has Asked Him
To Attend Campaign-Sponsored Events In Support of Obama’

Revisiting The DHS Smear Of The Tea Party Movement

Gross… Code Pink To Send Photos Of
Their Vaginas To RNC Convention

Democrat-Activist Media

Media First ROFL Spin On A Paul Ryan Veep Pick:
Too Inexperienced To Be President?

Jonathan Alter: “People Will Die In The United States”
If Romney Repeals Obamacare

Harry Belafonte: Romney Election Would Cause ‘End Of Civilization’

Media Happily Accepts Team Obama Lying To Them

NBC Adds Sexism To Its Racism

CNN, Time Magazine Suspend Fareed Zakaria For Plagiarism

Global Warming Sky Still Falling, CNN Assures

MOVIE REVIEW: ‘The Campaign’: Latest Will Ferrell
Effort Goes Negative On Koch Brothers

Lefty Media Continues To Bash Obama Team
For Romney/Death Commercial

Spike Lee Admits ‘Black Jesus’ Obama Failed To Live Up To Hype