Must Know Headlines


Obama Campaign Says Slashing Medicare An ‘Achievement’

5 ‘Devastating Secrets’ The Obama Admin Has Allegedly
Fought To Keep From The American Public

Dependency Nation:
Over 100 Million In US Receiving Some Form Of Federal Welfare

Romney Doubles-Down On Obama Destruction Of “Workfare”

Romney Responds To Heckler In Wisconsin,
Then Tells Obama To Het His Campaign Out Of The Gutter

Barack Obama

‘Pizza Tax’ Only A Hint Of Obamacare’s Costs

GOP Leader Reince Priebus: This President Stole $700
Billion From Medicare… He “Has Blood on His Hands” (Video)

Obama Hits 5 Fundraisers On Sunday, Will Break The 200
Mark Since Filing For Re-Election 19 Months Ago

Obama Schedule:
2 Campaign Events, That’s It

So It Begins: Obama Lies, Claims Romney-Ryan Will Raise Your Taxes

Running Scared: Obama Frantically Tweets ‘FACTS’ About Ryan;
Citizens Respond With Truth

Lefty Ideologue Obama Calls Ryan ‘Ideological Leader
Of Republicans In Congress’

Michelle Obama On POTUS: ‘He’s Not A Superhero; He’s A Human’


1,200 Days And $5 Trillion In New Debt Since Senate Dems Passed A Budget

Holder Went On ‘Reefer Madness’-Like Campaign
To Distract From Fast And Furious

DNC Chair Claims NOT To Know If Obama Super PAC Is Democrat

WATCH: Top Obama Campaign Official Can’t Articulate Obama Debt Plan

Leftists Vandalize Chick-Fil-A In Frederick, Maryland

Philly Dem Charged With Bribery

Dem Keeps Racy Facebook Page, ‘Boytoy’:
To Constituents, She’s Mild-Mannered Assemblywoman

Romney VP

Ryan: ‘It Is Our Duty To Save The American Dream For Our Children’

Paul Ryan: My Plan To Save America

Flashback: Paul Ryan Destroys Tax Cheat
 Treasury Secretary Timmy Geithner On Fiscal Policy

Networks Falsely Paint Ryan as Spending Cutter Who Could ‘Destroy’ Medicare

No Candidate Is Better Positioned To Educate The Country
About Its Looming Entitlement Crisis

Democrat-Activist Media

Predictable: CBS’ Bob Schieffer Asks About Ryan’s
Tax Returns In First Joint-Interview

MSM On Ryan Pick: “Women And Minorities Hardest Hit”

On 60 Minutes Schieffer Presses Romney And Ryan
With False Narrative: Wealthy Pay Low Tax Rate

National Review’s Rich Lowry Destroys
MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow On Meet The Press

Here Come The Ryan Attacks: Old Media

Hunger Games Star: Romney Won’t Help Women With ‘A Heavy Flow’

 BenSmithing: Buzzfeed Goes On Offense For Obama


Hamas-CAIR NY Incites FB Forums To Vandalize Pro-Israel Ads