Must Know Headlines


 New Video By Former Navy SEALS Slams Obama
Administration’s National Security Leaks

Gov. Brewer’s Executive Order Blocks IDs,
Benefits For Illegal Aliens Granted LAWLESS Obama Amnesty

Economist Richard Duncan:
Civilization May Not Survive ‘Death Spiral’

Virginia Bakery Refuses To Serve Biden;
Angry Over ‘You Didn’t Build That’

Ohio: Priorities USA “Cancer Ad” Airs In “Error”

Social Security Administration Requests Massive
Amounts Of .357 Ammo — But Why?

 Barack Obama

OWS Supporter & Roastmaster Ross Said Obama ‘Almost Unroastable’

Obama: Romney-Ryan Tax Plan Is ‘Trickle-Down Fairy Dust & Snake Oil’

Obama Defends Biden On ‘Chains’ Comment

Obama’s Much-Touted “Reset” Brings Russian Submarines To Our Coast Paul Ryan Gonna Take Your Birth Control Away

Black Like Us: The Race Clownery Of Obama-Biden

Tax Cheat Timmy’s IRS

IRS Plagued By ID Theft

Flashback: Geithner’s Tax History Muddles Confirmation

IRS Worker Stole Landlord’s Info, Opened Fake Credit Cards

 IRS Interpretation Of ObamaCare May Put Health
Insurance Out of Reach For Many Families


Biden Staff Tries To Shoo Press From The VP

ICE Chief Of Staff On Leave After New
Allegations Of Lewd Conduct Surface

Right Before Election Labor Dept. Attempts To Stop Layoffs
By Giving $100 Million To States To Subsidize Payrolls

Michelle Obama: If You Elect Mitt Women Will Die From Cancer

Flip-Flopper Sherrod Brown: I Never Flip-Flop

Democrat-Activist Media

MSNBC Devotes Just 17 Seconds Of Coverage To FRC Shooting;
Downplays Possibility It Was Politically Motivated

HuffPo Attacks Family Research Council As
“Hate Group” Less Than Three Hours After Shooting

Double Standard: Biden Gets Pass From Media

CBS’s Cordes Finally Mentions Anti-Romney Cancer Ad,
Fails To ID Producer As Obama Super PAC

CBS Parrots Obama Campaign’s Spin
Of Biden’s Controversial ‘Chains’ Remark

Media Fail- Getting Priorities Wrong In Egypt And Syria

Look Who the Press Is Blaming For The Ugly Campaign

Brock (Media Matters Guy) Manipulates Law
To Launch New Anti-Conservative Initiative

 ABC, CBS, NBC Ignore Chick-fil-A Vandalism


The Biggest D.C. Spy Scandal You Haven’t Heard About (Part Two)