Must Know Headlines


Obama Bullying Gallup … DOJ Is Suing Them

The FCC Wants To Tax The Internet

‘Full Metal Jacket’ Star: ‘GEICO Fired Me’ For Criticizing Obama

Chart Of The Week: Tax Revenues Devoured By Entitlements

HHS Mandate “Serious” Threat To Religious Liberty (VIDEO):
(Obama Supporting Catholics ARE Democrats First)

Mitt Romney

New Romney Ad Pits Obama vs Obama On His Massive Medicare Cuts

Romney Energy Plan Makes Bold Contrast From Obama

Romney Cites Mass. Law To Defend Stance On Women’s Health Issues

Led By Obama,
Dems Try To Disrupt RNC

President’s Schedule During GOP Convention Week:
Obama Takes Unusual Step Of Campaigning

RNC Protestor Arrested For Carrying Machete Strapped To His Leg

Soros-Funded Marxists To “Occupy The RNC”

Hurricane Isaac Gets In The Way Of Dems’
Plans To Disrupt GOP Convention

Unforgettable Interaction With 4 Individuals Sent
To Tampa By PA Working Families, A Front Group For ACORN


Democratic War On Women Continues: Speaker At
DNC Target Of Class Action Gender Discrimination Lawsuit

Is What Todd Akin Said Worse Than Aiding Actual Rapists
Like So Many In The Democratic Party Have Done?

Dem Mom & Daughter Pose As
‘Republican Women For Obama,’ Get Caught

More Lies: Obama For America Coordinator Continues
Anti-Mormon Bigotry;
Lies About Being Republican, Deletes Tweet

Maryland Gov: Romney Sending ‘Coded Messages’
To White Only Voters With Birther Joke

Canadian Socialist & Horrible Former MI
Gov. Granholm:
God Shut Down GOP Convention

Cher: It’s ‘Karma’ If Rep. Akin Gets Raped By Someone With HIV

Obama Camp Releases Faux Movie Trailer Attack Ad

Barack Obama

Obama Email To Supporters: If I Lose, It’s Your Fault

D’Souza: Obama Thinks He’s ‘Seizing’ Wealth
To Give It Back To Its Rightful Owners

Team Obama Struggles With Charges That Their Man Is Gutting “Workfare”

Obama, The Ultimate Birther Jokester

University Of Virginia Rejects Obama Campaign Stop

Democrat-Activist Media

Media Coverage Lacking Until It Shows What Abortion Really Is

The ‘Housewife’ Media Are Desperate To Muzzle

Bozell Slams ‘Moronic’ Assertion From MSNBC That Pro-Life Ryan’s 
A Worse Catholic Than Pro-Choice, Pro-Gay Marriage Biden

CNN’s Ashley Banfield Stages Meltdown To Claim Ryan Soft On Rape