Must Know Headlines


The American Dream As Described By Marco Rubio Is Real
— But It’s Under Assault

Video: Which Path Do You Choose?

Obama Nation: One-Third of 25-34 Year Olds
Still Live With Their Parents

California To Become Nation’s First Illegal Alien Sanctuary State

Government Motors Opened Plant In China Four
Months After Closing Plant In Wisconsin

Internal Army Poll: Only 26% of Officers Say Army Headed
In Right Direction–‘Political Correctness’ Cited

Unbelievable: WA Middle School Teacher Who Led
Class Bullying/Abuse Of Student Keeps Job


Former Hill Staffer And Obama Admin. Official Accused
Of Drugging & Sexually Assaulting Women

U.S. Muslim Leader Wears Tattered American Flag
As Scarf At DNC “Jumah” Prayer Event

USDA Announces $18 Million In Grants To ‘Beginning’ Farmers
– Especially Women And ‘Socially Disadvantaged’

Democratic Convention Speakers List Includes No Pro-Lifers

Teachers Union Pays Media Matters $100k For Spin

DNC Erects Massive Obama Sand Sculpture At Site
Of Convention Update: Torrential Downpour Melts Obama -Photo

Top 5 Anti-Eastwood Celebrity Tweets

American Weasel: Jason Biggs Quietly Deletes Vile
Tweets About Ann Romney And Janna Ryan

Worst President Ever

Obama Tells Troops That $500 Billion In Defense Cuts
(That He Proposed in January) Are Not His Fault

EPIC FAIL: Obama Admin. Drops 3-Year Witch-Hunt
Against Sheriff Joe Arpaio (No Charges)

While Red States Drown, White House Releases Beer Recipe

White House Says Obama Plans Came First

Iowa City Councilman: Obama Has Fundraised
Over Touring Flood Damage Before

Obama Scales Back Military Exercise With Israel

Another Person Shot Near Obama’s Chicago Home

Obama Appears In Prerecorded Video For
Rapper Jay-Z At Music Festival

Double Suicide Attack Kills 12 In Afghanistan

Mitt Romney

Romney: Obama Wants To Heal The Planet,
I Want To Help Your Family

Heartbreak: Chinese Government None
Too Happy With Romney’s Agenda

White House Says Obama Plans Came First

Romney’s Small Acts Of Service

Democrat-Activist Media

Arrogant Politico Pair: ‘Media Filter’ Will ‘Powerfully Shape’
How Romney’s RNC Speech Will ‘Echo’

Huffington Post Misquotes Ohio Gov To Imply Racism

Desperate Media Scramble To Call Paul Ryan A Liar Ignores The Facts

The Pro-Obama MSM Spins Clint Eastwood

Why Does MSNBC Want To Go Backwards?

Media Continues Pushing Disproven Obama Campaign ‘Fact Check’

Hysterical MSNBC Host’s On Air Meltdown Over Business Owners


Top 5 Anti-Eastwood Celebrity Tweets