Must Know Headlines


Obama Issued Green Energy Executive Order When You Weren’t Looking

Obama Election Manipulation In Swing State Ohio: Activist Judge Hands Down
A Ruling That Gives A Huge Advantage To The Democrat Party

Jim Rogers: Fed Has Already Begun QE3

Chart Of The Week: Medicare Spending Is Main Cause Of Runaway Deficits

Allen West Slams Hypocrisy From The Party (DEMOCRATS)
That Gave Us The KKK, Jim Crow, Segregation

Occupy Oakland Protesters Smash Windows, Taunt
Police Officers During . . . Gay Pride March?…


Preparing For DNC Convention: Must See Video!!
The Media’s Selective Race Outrage

Obama-Messiah Complex: Alive And Well At DNC

Debt Clock Hits $16 Trillion As DNC Celebrates Hope And Chair 2012

Democrats Start Convention By Going Crazy

AFL-CIO Has ‘Hug A Union Thug’ Booth At DNC

Democrats Begin Celebration Of Abortion At Obama Convention

Pro-Abortion Democrats Scream At 11-Year-Old Pro-Life Girl At Convention

The DNC’s Bold Lies

While Republicans Stressed Unity, Democrats’
Convention Schedule Already Shows Division

Dems Busing In Crowds To Fill Stadium For Obama Speech

Feminists Don ‘Sluts Vote’ Buttons @ DNC:
Because Nothing Says “Respect Women” Like Wearing A Giant Slut Button

Barack Obama

Official: Obama Will Make Bibi Pay After Elections

Obama Schedule || Campaign All Day

Eastwood Rightly Mocks An Empty-Chair Presidency

Eastwood’s ‘Empty Chair’ Speech Gets Under
Big Labor’s Skin, Provokes Violent Reaction

Obama: Bargaining Rights Are The “Fundamental Right”
Of Every American …(What?)

President Obama and Richard L. Trumka, AFL-CIO President.


Flashback: Hoffa Declares War On Tea Party ‘Sons Of Bitches,’ Labor Day 2011

Biden: I’d Go Into Detail About Why We’re Better Off
Than We Were 4 Years Ago… If It Weren’t So Hot

Trial Lawyer Steve Mostyn And Wife Fund
Anti-Romney Smear Campaign

Mrs. Obama’s 2nd-Term Agenda:
‘Impact Nature Of Food In Grocery Stores’

Calif. Democrat Likens Ryan To Nazis

Democrat-Activist Media

At DNC Media Party, They Know Who They’ll Vote For

Media Ignores Ryan Crowds For Few Pro-Obama Protesters

Howard Fineman: Republican Convention ‘Mean’
And ‘Like Dropping a Bowling Ball  In A Sand Box’


FBI Computer Virus Sweeping Across Nation:
New Nasty Demands $200 Payment To ‘Unlock’ PC