Must Know Headlines


 Democrats Focus On Equal Pay Issue
While Obama White House Pays Women Less

The Racist, Bloody Truth About Democrats:
Joseph Farah Covers Party’s History Of Murdering Republicans, Blacks

Better Off? Let’s Count The Ways We’re Not

Zombies: How The Left Captured Academia, The Media, And Other Organizations:
Alinsky-Style Behavior In The Workplace Itself May Have Been The Key

Fed Judge Orders MA To Provide Taxpayer-Funded
Sex Change For Transgendered Murderer

Democrat National Convention

Democrats Open DNC By Honoring A Senator Who Murdered A Woman

Democrats Remove ‘God’ From DNC Platform,
Insert Obama’s Name Over 100 Times

DNC Vendors Selling Posters Describing Obama
As A Biblical “Prophecy Fulfilled”

Dem. Keynote Speaker A Beneficiary Of Bain Capital,
Refuses To Release Tax Returns

New Democratic Party Platform Betrays, One Of USA’s Best Allies, Israel

Islamic Council: Record Number Of Muslim Delegates At DNC

DNC Admits They Deleted Jerusalem Language To Reflect Obama Policy

Featured Dem Govs Pushed $13 Billion In Taxes

Creepy Video: DNC Propaganda Clip Asserts That “We” All
“Belong To” Govt; Mitt Romney Responds

Democrats’ Convention Speaker List: The Tired, The Old, The Stale

Michelle Obama:  My Husband Stands For Promoting Abortion

In 2011, Sandra Fluke Argued For Sex-Change-Operation Insurance Mandate

Julián Castro —-Keynote Speaker @ DNC— Tries Out To Be New Obama

‘Republican’ DNC Speaker Registered Dem For Six Years

Barack Obama

Obama Cronies, AFL-CIO & SEIU Organizer:
Goal To ‘Take Down’ Employers And Free Enterprise

Mary Kay Henry (SEIU Prez): America Must Move Forward With Pres. Obama

Obama’s Forward Slogan Has Long Ties To Marxism, Socialism

Obama’s Failing Agenda Has Led to $16 Trillion Debt

Stupak (D): Obama Betrayed Me On Obamacare Abortion Law

Obama’s Own War On Women


Debbie Wasserman Schultz Gets Caught Lying About Lying

Harry Reid’s Son Representing Chinese Solar
Panel Plant In $5 Billion Nevada Deal

Fox News‘ Chris Wallace Reacts To First Lady’s Speech:
‘It Was All About Government’

The Dems Double Down On Leftism

Democrat-Activist Media

Dem Convention Day One: Media Bias Rap Sheet

Lilly Ledbetter Ignores Senate Democrats Who ‘Shortchanged’
Their Female  Staffers, Will Media Report?

Sorkin Slanders The Tea Party

MSNBC Showcases ‘Former Republican’ Maria Ciano;
Network Ignored Artur Davis At  GOP Convention

ABC, CBS And NBC Bury Bumbling Biden’s Most Embarrassing Moments

MSNBC President Praises Chris Matthews’
“Pure Joy And Love Of Politics” During RNC Convention

Chris Matthews Charges Romney With “Encouraging White Anger” [Video]

Jon Stewart’s Attack On Romney So Blatantly False… BuzzFeed Calls Him Out

Exclusive — Nickelodeon: Cyber-Bully Jason Biggs Appropriate For Kids