Must Know Headlines


Obama’s Lawless, Job-Killing Immigration Policy

NFL Star Urges Blacks Not To Vote For Obama:
‘I Went Out There, I Worked For It, I Built It’

Black Romney Supporter Kicked Out Of MSNBC Pavilion

CBO: Federal Healthcare Spending To Surpass
All Discretionary Spending By 2016

SC  Republican Gov. Nikki Haley Responds To Third
Democratic Nazi Comparison This Week

Tell Democrats Not To Cheapen Holocaust With Bogus Nazi References


Death Threat From DNC Delegate:
“Mitt Romney… I Would Like To Kill Him!”

Hey College Students Facing Rising Premiums,
Democrats See Obamacare As Badge Of Honor

Young Face Put On ILLEGAL Immigration At DNC:
Noncitizen Takes Convention Stage

PREDETERMINED: Photo Proves DNC Teleprompter
Loaded To Affirm 2/3rds Vote Regardless Outcome

Anti-Christian Hate Speech Spews From The Palm Beach Dem Chair

These Are 5 Of The Biggest Lies Told On The First Day Of The DNC

Sandra Fluke’s Inability To Tell The Truth

Watch: Democrats Boo Inclusion of God, Jerusalem

DNC Platform Still Guts Pro-Israel Language

Crony Capitalist Planned Parenthood Abortion Biz Prez: “Proud To Support Obama”

Monica Lewinsky’s Former Rabbi To Deliver
Benediction After Bill Clinton’s Convention Speech

Bill Clinton: Give Obama Time To Finish The Job

Democrats Embrace A Disgrace: I Did Not Have
Sexual Relations With That Woman (VIDEO)


Disgusting… DNC Chair Wasserman Schultz Busted –
Caught Lying To Jewish Voters & American Public  (Video)

Democrats Say We All Belong To Government Now

Democratic Platform Endorses Taxpayer-Funded Abortions And
The Democratic Party Doesn’t Want To Make Abortions “Rare”

Elizabeth Warren Slams Wall Street,
Yet Uses Wall Street Money For Senate Campaign

Once You Vote Black, You Never Go Back (PHOTO)
(Obama’s Half White)

Democrats Lose Grip On Reality

AFL-CIO Pres.: ‘Romney Doesn’t Know A Thing About Hard Work’

Bill Clinton: Give Obama Time To Finish The Job

Debbie Wasserman Schultz Refuses To Apologize
To Reporter She Falsely Charged With Misquoting Her

Barack Obama

One Hundred Twenty Nations Vote Against President Obama

News Flash: Obama Approved Democratic Platform

Cronyism’s Costs: Documenting Corruption In The Obama Administration

Michelle’s Masterfully Delivered Speech
Weaved Total Myth Of Personal Struggle

Democrat-Activist Media

Networks Welcome Rahm Emanuel,
Skip Blood-Soaked Violence Gripping Chicago

MSNBC’s Thomas Roberts Asks Rep. Sheila
Jackson Lee About GOP “Poll Tax”  

MSNBC President Phil Griffin’s Howler:
We ‘Live In The World Of Facts’

MRCTV Asks Media Hosts If Liberal Bias Exists

CNN’s Piers Morgan Panders To Fluke, Doesn’t Press
Rep. Israel On His Inaccurate  Statement About House GOP