Must Know Headlines


Allen West: If America Reelects Barack Obama To A Second Term,
We Deserve All The Pain And Misery That Will Ensue

Feds Confirm You Can’t Keep Health Coverage

Get Ready For An Onslaught Of “Positive” Economic Numbers

Word Michelle Obama Used Most In DNC Speech, Barack:
Word Ann Romney Used Most In RNC Speech, America

Navy SEAL Reveals Obama Administration Misled
Public For Over A Year On Bin Laden Killing

Obama Nation

The President Has No Plan

$10 Trillion Withdrawn From U.S. Treasury This Fiscal Year Alone, Treasury Says

CBO Fact Checks Clinton Claim Obama Controlled Healthcare Costs

New State Dept. “Fact Sheets” Push More Government, More Spending On Foreign Aid

Liberals Claim Food Stamps As One Of The Great American Success Stories

Barack Obama

Tyrannical Obama: My Path is ‘Harder, But Leads To Better Place’

What Or Who Exactly Will Stop President Obama In His Second
Term When He Ignores The Constitution?

Congressman Louis Gohmert: 70% Of Americans Killed In Afghanistan
Have Been Killed Since Obama Became President

U.S. Holds Joint Military Exercise With Muslim Brotherhood Egypt Days After
Obama Drastically Scaled Down Military Exercise With Israel

Netanyahu “Loses It” At US Ambassador Over Obama’s Weak Iran Policy

Obama’s Support For Infanticide

Obama’s New America


‘Washington Post’ Catches Democrats Rewriting Civil Rights History

DNC Attendees: Profits Should Be Banned—
Warning: This Video Will Be Difficult For Liberty Lovers To Watch

 To Sway U.S. Jews, National Jewish Democratic Council
Fraudulently Edits, Exploits Sderot Jews

Lobbyists Sure Do Have A Prominent Role At The DNC

Elizabeth Warren To Are You Better Off Question: No And It’s Republicans Fault

SEIU Officials Face State Prosecution For Violating Pharmacist’s Rights

Clinton Is Wrong On Welfare Reform

Clinton Distorts Figures, Truth In Defense Of Obamacare

Jesse Jackson: Big Government Is How We Know We Are Godly

Democrats Interviewed On Convention Floor: “I’ve Always Called
Them ‘Nazis’ And ‘Evil’ Even Before It Was Appropriate”

Democrats Embrace Sandra Fluke, Not God And Jerusalem

Report: Five North Carolina Delegates Skip Obama Nomination Vote

 Democrats And Swiss Bank Hypocrisy

Democrat-Activist Media

During Democratic Convention, Two Of Three Networks Ignore Dire Jobs Picture

Matthews On Obama: ‘The Fact That He’s Black’ Is Why ‘They’re Asking For His Papers’

ABC’s Dowd: ‘Lucky Break’ For Dems That Weather Canceled Stadium Speech;
CBS’s  Pelley Noted ‘Not A Drop Of Rain’ There

Members Of Press Reportedly Using ‘Fake Names’ To Buy Obama Merch At DNC

ABC Buries Democrats Booing Restoring God And Israel To Party Platform

Weather Channel Ignores Romney Visit To Isaac-Hit Gulf Coast


Romney Campaign Tells Obama To ‘Rein In His Supporters’ On Nazi Comments