Must Know Headlines


Clearest Choice Of Our Time

Romney To Obama: Quit ‘Dismantling Our Military’

GAO Says Obama Admin Evaded Law On Welfare Waivers;  CNN, CBS, ABC All Ignore

Voters Have A Choice Between Reform And Denial

Surprise! HHS Pilot Program To Send 2 Million
Poor Seniors From Medicare Into … “Voucher” Programs

Democrats Ran Their Convention Like They Run the Country: At A Deficit

 State Department Still Playing Patty-Cakes With Pakistan Over Terrorism

Former Michigan Governor And Current TV Host Dazzled America
At The DNC With Dancing, Chanting, And Fist-Pumping

Barack Obama

Obama: All ‘Immigrants’ Created Equal: Compares Ellis Island
Arrivals To Illegals Crossing Rio Grande

Obama: Forget That One Term Proposition Thing I Said

Obama At DNC: “I Will Never Turn Medicare Into A Voucher” – Next Day: HHS
Pilot Program To Send  2 Million Poor Seniors From Medicare Into Voucher Programs

 In Government Obama Trusts

The Obama Campaign’s New False Narrative

 Obama’s Dismal Jobs Record

Obama Mentions Compromise, Then Lists What ‘I Refuse To Go Along With’

After Cutting Ad Attacking Romney As
“Birther-In-Chief” – Obama Cracks Birther Joke

ObamaCare’s Affirmative Action Attack On Medicine 

Obama Denies Nation In Decline In Fla.,
While Romney, In Va., Pledges No  Military Cuts

Obama: ‘You’ll Love Me Even More’ With My
Plan To Ask The Wealthy To Pay Higher Taxes

Democrat-Activist Media

Media Buries Story Of Fast & Furious Arrest

Brian Williams: Positive Media Coverage For Obama Will Be A ‘Tall Order’

Gawker: ‘Pedophilia Is A Sexual Orientation’

Madonna Writes OBAMA On Her Back

Actor Kal Penn: My Friends Are Better Off Under Obama

Actress Aisha Tyler To Romney: ‘You Do Not Love Women’ [VIDEO]

Touré Adds ‘Crime’ To Big Book Of Racial Code
Words, Blames All-White GOP For Not Using It

Jerusalem Taboo On MSNBC

NY Times Shills For Sheepshead Bay Mosquestrosity

MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough Thought Friday’s Jobs Report Was Great News 


“Kill The Jews” Spray-Painted In New Jersey, Swastikas And Hate-Filled
Slogans Spray-Painted On Cars, Sidewalks, Fences, Mailboxes And Houses