Must Know Headlines


Dick Morris: Obama Thugs Rough Up Gallup For Polls They Don’t Like

Executive Orders In Cybersecurity Result In Incomplete And Empty Solutions

Mark Levin: With 19% Actual Unemployment We Are In A Depression:
And FDR Got Reelected With High Unemployment Too

Romney: We Must Repeal ObamaCare In Its Entirety

Paul Ryan: We Stand With Mayor Rahm Emanuel
Against The Chicago Teachers’ Union

Barack Obama

Report: Obama Misses Over Half His Intelligence Briefings

Obama Makes Lying About Ohio Auto Jobs A Campaign Staple

Worse Than Solyndra: Obama Admin Buying
Maine Senate Seat With Crony Energy Loans

Woodward’s Book Details A Frightening Lack Of Leadership From Obama

President Barack Obama’s (Genius In Chief)
“THREE Proud Words” Declaration: “Made In The USA”

Obama Autographs Lab Coat In Iowa: ‘Go Obamacare!’

DOJ Lawyers Waste Your Money Over Fonts And Obamacare

Flashback: Remember When Obama Attacked
McCain For Not Being Able To Use Email?

Obama’s Kids’ School: $34,268 A Year – Includes ‘Hot Lunch’

Obama’s Hometown Of Chicago

Chicago Teacher’s Union President Linked
To Former Communist Party Chief And Barack Obama 

As Teachers Strike In Rahm Emanuel’s Chicago,
Only CBS Mentions They Make $71,000 a Year

How Chicago Public School Teachers Are Destroying Education

U.S. Department Of Education: 79% Of Chicago
8th Graders Not Proficient In Reading

Chicago Teachers Union Makes War On Kids And Parents

Flashback: 39% Of Chicago Teachers Send Their Kids To Private Schools

Chicago Thuggery Personified: Meet Chicago
Teachers’ Union President Karen Lewis

Disgraceful: Chicago Students Say Teachers
Are Encouraging Them To Join Strike

Chicago Teacher’s Strike Defines Election Issues


Mississippi NAACP Official Jailed For
5 Years for Voting For Dead Relatives

Maryland Dem Drops Out of Congressional Race
Amid Allegations She Voted In Two States

Jersey Dem Mayor Charged With Corruption

Proud Sluts On Parade 

Democrat-Activist Media

Diane Sawyer On 2011 Debt Ceiling Crisis: ‘
Obama Was Hostage’ To The Tea Party

NBC Already Routing For Hillary In 2016: ‘She Would Clear The Field’

Politico’s Harris & VandeHei Launch Pro-Obama
Rampage To Kill Romney Off

NY Times Marks 9/11 Anniversary By Blaming
Attacks On George W. Bush