Must Know Headlines


Teachers  Union

It’s Time To Break ‘The Machine’: The Truth Behind The Teachers Union

Chicago Teacher Strike – Meet The Teachers  (Typical Democrats
& Obama Supporters) And The Head Of The Union


Mo. Becomes 1st To Exempt Religious
Groups From Contraception Mandate

Hobby Lobby Sues Obama Administration Over Abortion Mandate

Democrat-Activist Media

Reporters Plotting Questions For Romney
Are Obama’s ‘Tools’ And  ‘Stenographers’

NYTimes Columnist Sent Article Draft To White House’s
Valerie Jarrett For Comments Before Publishing

Open Mic Catches Press Coordinating Questions For Romney:
No Matter Who He Calls On We’re Covered”

Media & Democrats Try To Make Obama’s
Foreign Policy Disaster About Mitt Romney

NBC’s Todd: Romney Response To Embassy
Attacks ‘Looks Crass And Tone Deaf’

Jake Tapper Jokes About Anti-Muslim Film’s
Lack Of ‘Jewish Production Values’

Hollywood Silent On Free Speech
When Islamists Are Involved

L.A. Times Writer: Romney Should Just ‘Triple Down’
And Campaign With Koran-Burning Pastor

Comedy At AP: Economist Says Unchanged 29-Year High In Poverty Rate
Shows ‘Stimulus Even More Effective Than Believed’

“Today Show” Skips 9/11 Moment Of Silence
For Kardashian Interview [Video] 

Obama Built That

Report: Marines Guarding U.S. Embassy In Cairo Not
Allowed To Carry Live Ammunition

No Record Of Intel Briefings For Obama Week Before Embassy Attacks

Muslim Brotherhood Calls For More Protests Against U.S.:
America, Israel Warned Their Demise Is Definite And Very Soon

Liz Cheney: ‘Logical Outcome Of Three-And-A-Half
Years Of Obama Foreign Policy’

Obama: Israel, No; Muslim Brotherhood, Yes

I Don’t Consider Egypt An Ally, Says Obama

Death Of Ambassador Stevens Is America’s Shame, Hillary’s And Obama’s

Lebanese Reports: US Ambassador Raped Before His Murder

Report: Sacked Benghazi Consulate Had No Protection From US Marines

Why Didn’t Obama Better Protect Benghazi Consulate?

Protesters Storm U.S. Embassy In Yemen

 Obama Admin Transferred 3,000 Detainees
To Afghan Gov’t Control Day Before 9/11

Barack Obama

Barack Obama Is A Dangerous Leftist Of A New Kind

Ambassador Murdered, Obama Going To Vegas For Fundraiser

The Muslim Brotherhood In The Obama Administration

For Barack Obama, Muslims Can Do No Wrong:
Maintaining Diversity At All Costs

Obama Takes No Questions From Press Corps,
Schedules Interview With Telemundo

The Obama Debacle Continues, As Incomes Fall

 Romney Defends Free Speech, Not Obama


Appalling: Terrorist Appeaser Anthea Butler Doubles
On Call To Imprison Anti-Islam Filmmaker