MI Gov. Rick Snyder To Nationalize Railroad Lines For Another Pet Project



August 31, 2012

By Greg George

As our nation nears $16 trillion in debt, Governor Snyder is using $140  million of taxpayer money that was sent back by Florida’s Republican Governor to  nationalize railroad tracks for a high-speed rail project between Chicago and  Detroit.

Governor Snyder, Obama Administration’s Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood,  Congressmen Hansen Clarke and John Dingell, Wayne County Executive Robert Ficano  and Sens. Carl Levin and Debbie Stabenow have all been pushing to receive these  funds.

Snyder promotes the idea of “relentless positive action to reinvent  Michigan,” but this does not trump the ideas of sound economic policy. His  addiction to federal tax dollars must stop as it hurts both our national and  Michigan’s economy.

Leaving our children and grandchildren new high-speed railroads and bridges  through increased federal debt is not “positive action.”

Apparently Governor Snyder doesn’t understand the idea that there is no such  thing as a free lunch. Whenever federal taxpayer dollars are available — whether  it be pushing for ObamaCare health care exchanges, the NITC bridge project, or  now projects to promote high-speed rail — Snyder doesn’t hesitate to snatch them  up.

But, federal tax dollars are also Michigan tax dollars. The federal debt is  nearly $16 trillion, the economy has been stagnant with 42 straight months of  over 8% unemployment with even more underemployed, and billions have been wasted  on projects like Solyndra and other scams.

Apparently, Snyder thinks of himself as ‘smarter’ than other bureaucrats  attempting to centrally plan the economy to some degree or another. The ultimate  goal of the high-speed rail project is to increase service from Michigan to  Chicago. Intentions, however, are not results nor are they sound economic  policy.

As a businessman, Snyder should know that it isn’t about creating jobs just  to create jobs. The jobs must add value. This value is not determined by  politicians but through price signals in the private sector. If all we want is  jobs, we can hire people to dig ditches with spoons.

Remind Governor Snyder that real reforms that promote economic freedom will create prosperity, not so-called  experts, politicians, or “relentless positive action.”

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