Must Know Headlines


On President Barack Obama’s Watch, The Debt Has Increased By 50 Percent

Maher: Debt Was Never A Problem Until
“President Blackenstein” Was Elected

Chicago Strike Shows Why We Need School Choice

Dearborn Imam Calls On American Government
To Enforce Sharia Blasphemy Laws

Green On Blue: Afghan Inside Attack Kills 4 US Troops

Sequestration Reduces Defense As Budget Priority:
Obama Budget Would Make Defense The Lowest Budget Priority

Obama & Democrat Backed OWS

Brietbart’s Final Work Revealed: ‘Occupy Unmasked’

Obama & Democrat Backed ‘Occupy’ To Hit 40 ‘Corporate Targets
‘ For Anniversary Protests – Disguised In ‘Business Attire’


Democrat Rep: Unionize 12 Million Illegals

U.S. Government Supports Pussy Riot
(But Not ‘Innocence of Muslims’)

Hillary Cheered Broadway’s Book of Mormon,
Condemns Innocence of Muslims

Details Of Bin Laden Raid Leaked First By Aides

Top Obama Bundler Russell Simmons: It Should Be
Illegal To Make Movies That Insult Muslims

Barack Obama

Ryan: QE3 Is A Bailout For Obama

President Downgrade Strikes Again, Egan-Jones Lowers
US Debt Rating To AA- From AA

Obama’s ‘You’re On Your Own’ Policy For Delphi Retirees

Netanyahu Slams Obama, Says Iran Months Away From Nuclear Weapon

Obama Built That

Libyan Reports Shred White House Claim That
Benghazi Attack Was Spontaneous, Unpredictable

Obama’s Middle East Delusions: The Premodern Middle East
And Postmodern West Don’t Mix, Mr. President

Despite Four Previous Benghazi Attacks – US Refused Even
“Standard Security” At Consulate (Video)

The Rape Of Christopher Stevens

Obama Proposes $129M Cut From ‘Embassy Security,
Construction, And Maintenance’

Obama Administration: No Security Lapse In Libya

Who Is U.S. Helping In Libya? Rep. Joe Wilson: Relationship
Should Hinge On Response To Murders Of Americans

Democrat-Activist Media

How The Media Misrepresents The Race

Surprise! Oversampling Dems Puts Obama In Lead

Mainstream Media Cover Divorce Records When They Help
Democrat Candidates,  But Not So Much When They Help Republican Ones

This Is The Difference In How The Press
Covers Republicans And Democrats

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand Files False Tax Return,
New York Times Not Interested

TV Sitcoms To Incorporate Obamacare Pitches?

MSNBC Contributor Dyson: ‘All Hate Ain’t Equal’; ‘Horrible’
Americans Have ‘Fomented… Hostility Toward Muslims’