Must Know Headlines


 Deflation’s Here, And The Downward Spiral Has Started

Do Most American Voters Really Understand
What’s At Stake In The Presidential Election?

Emails Reveal Justice Dept. Regularly Enlists Media Matters To Spin Press

US Diplomats Destroying Classified Documents At Embassies

How To Commit Voter Fraud In Ohio: The Buckeye State—
Where A Utility Bill Counts As Acceptable ID

Barack Obama

For Every $1 Added To The Economy,
Obama Added More Than $3 In Debt

The War On Coal

8,786,049: Yet Another Record For Americans Collecting Disability

College Prof On Leave After Forcing Students
To Sign ‘Pledge’ To Vote For Obama

FLASHBACK: Obama Calls Americans “Bitter Clingers”

Obama’s Feds Ignore Rules And Use Stimulus Cash To Buy Chinese Solar Panels

An Unserious President In Seriously Perilous Times

President Obama’s General Motors Hypocrisy

Obama’s Policies Have Imploded…
And Mitt Romney Had Nothing To Do With It

Detroit’s Model Citizens Line Up For Money From Obama’s “Stash”

Mitt Romney

Romney Responds To Leaked Fundraiser Video

Mitt Goes There: Obama Supporters Fail To Take
Responsibility For Their Own Lives (Video)

Romney: Obama’s 47% Of The Electorate Is Dependent On Government

Romney Says Obama Supporters See Themselves As “Victims”
Who “Believe They Are Entitled To Healthcare, Food, Housing”

Powerful New Romney Ad Attacks So-Called War On Women

Chicago Cubs Owner Ricketts Spending $10 Million In Ad Sweep For Romney


Biden Quotes Chinese Propaganda Service in Campaign Speech

Fighter Jets Shown At Democratic Convention
Military Tribute Not American Either

Lila Rose: Woman Planned Parenthood Killed Is Real “War On Women”

Democrat-Activist Media

‘Meet The Press’: Liberal Journalists All Agree,
Nothing Obama Could Do About Middle East Crisis

Mideast In Flames — And Obama Still Can Do No Wrong

Politico’s Censorious Scoop: ‘Blaming The
Media’s Not A Winning GOP Game Plan’

Occupy Fails To Note Arrested Photojournalist Part Of Movement

CBS CEO Says Pelley’s Ratings Are Higher Than
Predecessor “Whose Name I Will Not Mention”

CBS Plays Up Politico’s Reporting On Apparent
‘Turmoil’ In Romney Campaign 


Persecution Of Christians On Rise – In U.S.

Hey, Remember When Liberals Defended ‘Piss Christ’?