16 States Using Voting Machines From George Soros-Linked Company

Must Know Headlines


Senate Democrats Plan To Adjourn Without
Passing Budget For Third Consecutive Year

Hardee’s CEO: Obamacare Increasing Costs 150 Percent

Former Soviet Jews Ask: Why ‘Transform’ U.S.A.?

NJ Imam: Disregard First Amendment And Replace With Sharia Law

Palestinians Don’t Want Peace With Israel
And Mitt Romney Was Correct To Say So

Reward: $100,000 For Khalidi Tape

And Shove Romney Supporters In Florida

The Debt Is Not A Laughing Matter

Barack Obama

Wind Turbine Plant Obama Cheered In
2010 Lays Off Two-Thirds Of Workforce

Obama: Lack Of Immigration Reform (FULL FLEDGED AMNESTY FOR
ALL ILLEGALS) Not Unemployment, Is Biggest Failure

Obama’s Lawless Amnesty Begins For Millions Of Illegal Aliens:
Work Permits, No Safeguards Against Fraud

Numbers Don’t Lie: The Real Obamanomics

IG: White House ‘Made It Impossible’ To
Pursue Lead In Fast And Furious Probe

Unreal: Obama Again Blames Benghazi
Attack On “Offensive” Mohammed Film

A Short Visual History Of The Creepy Obama Cult

Obama Selling Desecrated US Flag With O Campaign Logo In Place Of Stars

Celebrities Pledge Allegiance To Barack Obama

#ForAll: Cult Of Obama Gets Creepier And Creepier;
#Obamerican Flags, Brainwashed Eyes, Julias, Longoria And Alba

 Obama: ‘The Economy Has Been Very Tough For The Last Four Years’

Democrat-Activist Media

CBO: 6 Million Americans Will Owe $1,200 In ObamaCare Taxes;
Broadcast Nets Ignore, WaPo, NYT Bury Story

 Networks That Hyped Romney’s ‘Bombshell’ Tax Tape
Now Skip ObamaCare ‘Penalties’

LA Times Reaffirms It Will Not Publish Mysterious
Obama, Khalidi Recording

Andrea Mitchell Covers For Obama Campaign
By Not Airing Redistribution Video

CORRECTION REQUEST: Politico Falsely Reports
GOP Congressman Walked Out Of Townhall


The Sexual Pathology Of The Libyan Attackers

Radical Left-Wing Center For Constitutional
Rights Represented Abu Sufian Bin Qumu

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