Must Know Headlines


Obama Administration To Contractors: Hold Off Announcing Layoffs Until
After The Election And Taxpayers Will Cover Your Fines And Costs

Bishop E.W. Jackson, Sr.: Mainstream Media & Obama
Undermining Traditional Values

Illegal Aliens Cost L.A. County $100 Million In
June/July – 22% Of TOTAL Welfare Expenditures

Walid Shoebat Explains Why He Believes Muhammad
Filmmaker May Be A Terrorist

9,000 Dead Voters Still On The Rolls In Dallas County (Video)


SEIU-Backed Goons Throw Beer And Water On Allen West
Supporters During Campaign Rally

Cali Couple Suffers Death Threats & Vandalism Over Romney Sign

Report: One Million People In Ohio Have ‘Obama Phones’

The Progressive War On Science:
Obama Admin. Regulations Crushing Research

AARP And ObamaCare Prey On Seniors

Obama’s Foreign Policy

You Can’t Promote Freedom Abroad As It Disappears At Home

Let’s Review The Sad History Of An Obama Foreign Policy Initiative
Which Resulted In The Murder Of Our Ambassador And 3 Other Americans

Top 10 Obama 
Mideast Mistakes

LOL: Actually Netanyahu Did Meet With Obama

Limbaugh: Obama Blocking FBI From Libya Crime Scene

BenghaziGate: President Obama Is A Lazy Liar

US Military Deaths In Afghanistan Hit 2,000

People Died, Obama Lied

In Egypt, Christians Flee Town After Militant Threats

Will New ‘Democratic’ Egyptian Constitution
Allow 9-Year-Old Girls To Marry?

Is Foreign Policy Making A Comeback In Campaign 2012?

Democrat-Activist Media

Krauthammer To Fellow Panelists: I Can’t Believe You Guys
Are Covering For Obama On This Libya Disaster

Damaging Video Of Romney Was Faked 

 Networks Have Covered Up Obama Lies About
Libyan Consulate Deaths Of Americans

Media Still in Love With Book That Led To Death Of Millions

Obama Mega-Booster Jay-Z: ‘Not Really Into Politics’

Huge Obama Donor And 1%er Attacks Pollster Scott Rasmussen For
‘Taking A Side’ With The ‘Rush-Fox-Drudge’ Reality Deniers


Ahmadinejad: Capitalists Are Destroying The Planet