Must Know Headlines


Slain Border Agent Identified: Nicolas Ivie
‘Ambushed’, Gunned Down Near Arizona Border

Inspector General Report Found Illegal Immigrants On Federal Payroll!

Judge Halts Pennsylvania’s Voter ID Law Until After Election Day

Military Absentee Voting Requests Down As
Much As 70% From 2008 On Swing States

Vet Breaks Down In Tears At Ryan Event Over Crippling Taxes 

In America, Personal Freedom Tied To Economic Freedom

Civil Rights Activist Calls Ann Coulter ‘Homophobic,
Anti-Semite, Racist ’; She Calls Him ‘A Moron’

Barack Obama

Getting The Truth Out About Obama Is A Winning Strategy

Video: Devastating Side-By-Side Comparison Of Obama’s Two Race Speeches

Obama Scores Dictator Trifecta

 Why Was Obama‘s Audio Book Version Of ’Dreams From
My Father’ Purged Of All References To Communist Mentor?

Obama To Make Home Of Cesar Chavez A National Monument

Obama’s America Has Worse GDP Growth Than Cuba

Obama’s Promotion Of Racial Hatred Exposed

Obama Waives Sanctions On Countries That Use Child Soldiers

Barack Obama, Segregationist

Obama ‘Destroying Records’ In ‘Cyber Bonfire’


ObamaCare Exposes Obama’s ‘Zero Tax Increase
For Families Making Less Than $250K Per Year’ –LIE

‘Obamacare Survival Guide’ Reveals Dangers Of New Law


Report: Obama Admin Rejected Military Intervention In Benghazi During Attack

Democrats For Romney

The Smearing of Fast And Furious Whistleblower John Dodson

Biden Again Forgets Who’s Been In Charge: Middle
Class Has Been Buried The Last 4 Years

Christina Aguilera To Be Honored At The State Department

Report:  Billions Spent On More Than 1,500 Solar Projects

Democrat-Activist Media

Media’s Love Affair With Obama

David Carr In NYTimes: Conservatives Should
Stop ‘Tired’ Whining About Liberal Bias

Salon’s Joan Walsh: ‘Hannity And Carlson Are
Having An Ethnic Nervous Breakdown’

Media Sends Dangerous Message Giving Obama Pass On Libya Cover Up

Politico Lead: Libya Cover-Up Middle Class Tax
Debate! Joe Biden: Sex Symbol?


$15.1M Construction Project Halted For A Single Spider