Must Know Headlines


Under Obama, Black Unemployment Up; Wealth, Wages, Political Influence Down

U.S Debt Added Monday Greater Than Total Debt
Accumulated In Country’s First 166 Years

Poll: Most Voters Are Unfamiliar With Solyndra

Report To Congress Warned Of Libyan Security Threats —
One Month Before Sept. 11 Attack

From Bin-Laden To Benghazi: New Navy SEAL Ad Slams
Obama For Playing Politics With Our National Security

First Debate

Romney: Do Not Misrepresent My Positions In My Presence

Obama Emails For Cash: ‘I Hope I Made You Proud Out There’

Romney Tells Lehrer He Would Cut Funding For PBS; Millionaire Celebs Moan

Debate Exposes Obama’s Ridiculous Tax Myth

Obama Backs ‘Death Panels’ At Debate

Romney Wants Obamacare Repeal, Obama Defends Rationing

Barack Obama

Obama’s Re-Election Case Rests On 5 Phony Claims

October Surprise: Obama Plans Major Airstrike On Libyan Targets

Hey What Do You Know, Obama Voted Against Waiving Stafford Act For Katrina

Listen To Obama’s Medicare Hypocrisy

Andrew C. McCarthy: Obama Would Have Sent Bin Laden To Civilian Court

Obama DHS Covers Up Failures Of U.S. Counterterrorism Centers

New Video Shows Obama Legitimizing Racist Violence

New Barack Obama Video: “Rich People Are For Non-Violence…
They Don’t Want People Taking Their Stuff”

Obama Schedule: Flies Around Country To Hit 2 Campaign Events

Obama’s Response To Consulate Attack Was ‘Politically Motivated’

The Boundless Dishonesty Of Barack Obama


Report: Obama Campaign Impersonating Election Officials In Florida

Important Poll- Hilary vs Obama Whose Fake Black Accent Is Better? (VIDEO)

House Ways And Means Chairman Says Docs Make Clear
Delphi Pension Decision Included Obama Officials

Unite Here Union Bosses Demand Servers Pay Over $5,700 Or Be fired

Biden is Right—Middle Class Has Been “Buried the Last Four Years” [Video]

Democrat-Activist Media

On CBS, Time’s Foroohar Spins Debate:
‘You Have To Wonder Whether Romney’s Math Adds Up’

PBS Star Jim Lehrer’s Record Of Liberal Bias In Debates

Chris Matthews Has An Epic Meltdown After Obama Loses Debate

AP’s Fournier Offers Novel Obama Excuse: ‘Incumbent Debate Curse’

Celebrities Donate $645,000 To President Obama, Just $28,500 To Mitt Romney

J-Lo, Sheryl Crow And Jane Lynch Stir Up Faux War On Women Meme


Devastating New RNC Joe Biden Ad: “Buried”

Focus Group: Undecideds Shift Strongly To Romney