Must Know Headlines


Californians In Shock As Gas Prices Soar Past $5/Gallon To All-Time Record

US Top Security Official In Libya Says “Unbelievable”
That State Dept Decreased Security Despite Requests

Election 2012 Choices: Businessman Who Has Generated Billions (Of Private $)
Or President Who Has Wasted Trillions (Of Your $)

Anemic Job Growth Continues

Barack Obama

Meet The Economists At Bureau Of Labor Statistics Who Donated To Obama Campaign

Obama Warns: Don’t “Talk Down” Economy

Obama’s Jobs Failure, In One Chart

Obama Attacking Romney On Oil Subsidy Remarks He Never Made

Obama Explains That Awful Debate Performance (Hint: Not His Fault)

Obama Policy Encouraging Immigrants To Go On Public Dole

 Obama Raises $181 Million, Only Around 2% Of Donations Reportable

Obama Quote Displayed In Cairo Airport:
‘We Must Educate Our Children To Become Like Young Egyptian People.’

Andrew McCarthy: Rule Of Law, Equal Protection Threatened Under Obama DOJ


Team Obama Blames John Kerry For Debate Loss

Desperate Dems Hide Behind Big Bird

Doc Who Mentioned Killing “Ugly Black Babies” Botches Abortion

USDA Diversity Training Session Included ‘Illegal Immigrants’ Chant

School Dist. Considers “Trash- Cams” To Enforce Veggie Consumption

Democrat-Activist Media

National Media Target Sheriff Joe: ABC News Launches
“Arpaio Watch” To Defeat Arizona Sheriff

CNN Helps Cover Up Obama’s Race Speech, MSNBC Plays The Race Card

 Sharpton’s Race Baiting Tour Heads To Virginia On Tuesday

 Letterman Calls Mitt Romney A Felon (Video)

New York Times Sees ‘Good News For Obama’ In Latest Mediocre Jobs Data

Pre-Election Media On Jobs Reports, Then And Now

Obama’s Chummy Press Corps Offers David ‘Axe’
Axelrod Their Advice For Obama’s  Next Debate

Snoop Dog Tweets Reasons To Vote For Obama


Lewiston, Maine: Muslims Demand Mayor’s Resignation
For Asking Them To Assimilate

5 Terror Suspects Extradited From UK To US