16 States Using Voting Machines From George Soros-Linked Company

Must Know Headlines


A Businessman Or Community Organizer For The Oval Office?

Yes, Romney Plan Would Protect Individuals With Pre-Existing Conditions

New Video Exposes Health Care Rationing In Obamacare

Venezuela’s Dictatorship Built On A 47% Dependency  Formula

Number Of Americans On Food Stamps Hits Another Record High

Plant That Got $150M In Taxpayer Money
To Make Volt Batteries Furloughs Workers

Bankrupt Green Loan Loser Abound Solar
Now Under Investigation In Colorado

Barack Obama

The Obama Campaign Processed This Donation

Obama Camp Has No Excuse For Foreign Funding Negligence

Bombshell: Obama.com Owned By Bundler In Shanghai
With Business Ties To Chinese Government

Obama’s Islamic Supremacist Human Rights Rep:
Meet Salam Al-Marayati, 9/11 Truther And Hamas-Supporter

Princeton Professor: Obama Is Misquoting Me

CBS’s Lara Logan: Obama Is Lying To America 

Obama Amin Suspends Trade Deal With Mexico In Politicized Move

Obama: Columbus Day A Time To ‘Reflect On Tragic
Burdens Tribal Communities Bore’

Inhofe: Obama’s ‘Warming’ Hysteria Costing Jobs

 Mother Of Fallen SEAL Team 6 Member Says
White House Put A Target On Her Son’s Back


Libya – Clinton, Rice And Carney:  Obedient To Obama’s Spin

Former U.S. Security Team Leader In Libya: We Told
State We Needed More Security There, Not Less


Multiple Twitter Users Threaten To Assassinate
Mitt Romney: ‘Shoot Him Dead’

New Civility: Obama Supporters Threaten To Riot If Romney Wins

Florida School District Lets Dem Group
Register Kids To Vote, But Not GOP

Black Actress Endorses Mitt Romney,
‘Tolerant Left’ AKA Democrats Show True Colors 

The Left Still Can’t Come To Grips With What
Happened To Obama At Last Week’s Debate 

Columbia Professor Mocks Columbus Day With
List Of ‘15 Most Overrated White People’

Democrat-Activist Media

Networks Silent on Obama’s Fourth Consecutive Trillion-Dollar Deficit

Media Amazingly Quiet Over Gas Price Increase

Touré: ‘If You Just Have A Bunch Of White People, You’re Gonna
Come Up With Alternate Realities That Don’t Make Any Sense’

Juan Williams: Obama Lost Debate Because Of Twitter

AP Picks Most Unflattering Romney-With-Kids Shot They Can Find

Katy Perry Wears Pictures Of Obama On Fingernails
To Perform For President

HuffPo’s ‘Jihad’

Catholic Bashing Madonna Won’t Wear Dress For Fear Of Muslim Backlash

Mila Kunis Slams Christians, Republicans 


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