Must Know Headlines


 Obama Regime Sides With UN Over Texas

Absentee Ballots For U.S. Troops ‘Burned In Crash’

Michelle O With Will Smith At His 120 Acre LA Compound
For Star Studded $40,000/Plate Luncheon

What About The Camp Bastion Attack?

Indoctrinated Lib-Kids Sing About How Horrible
The World Will Be If We Don’t Reelect Obama

Osama Bin Laden Is Dead,
So Are Tyrone Woods And Glen Doherty

Barack Obama

Obama’s Vote Cost Taxpayers $716,000

Socialist Obama: Banks Must Be Regulated Because They Make Profits

Obama’s Homeless: If They Were Ronald Reagan’s,
They Would Not Be Ignored

Planned Parenthood Spends Millions For Obama

Obama Spent 5 Times More On Parties Than Bush

 FLASHBACK: Obama Broke With Colleagues, Voted Present On
Protecting Rape Victims In ’99 State Senate Vote

 Top 10 Reasons To Vote Obama Out Of Office


Video: Obama Supporters Shocked To Find
Out They Actually Hate His Policies

Biden Claims Republicans Voted For $500 Trillion Tax Cut

Obama Website Puts Mitt In Dunce Cap

Will Felons Tip The Presidential Race To Obama?

Obama Administration Will Pay Companies To Violate the Law

Benghazi Attack

SHOCK REPORT: CIA Ops Were Denied Request
For Help THREE Times During Benghazi Attack

Obama Flew To Las Vegas For A Fundraiser The Day After Benghazi Attack

Obama Twice Dodges Benghazi Question

How Is the Mainstream Media Covering Friday’s Major Libya News?
We Checked, and It Might Depress You

 Father Of SEAL Killed In Benghazi Terrorist Attack: ‘Those Who Made,
Knew & Lied About Decision (To Stand Down) Murdered My Son”

 ‘Sharia Killed Ambassador Chris Stevens’—
It Is Long Past Time To Lift The Veil From Our Eyes

Democrat-Activist Media

Actual Huffington Post Headline:
‘Why Some Women Don’t Vote With Their Vaginas’

Media’s Racial Campaign Against Romney Supporters Intensifies

CNN Publishes, Then Deletes Story That Says
Ovulation Affects If  Women Vote Liberal Or Conservative

Real Media Would Take Trump Challenge Seriously 

Libya Takes Backseat To Fluff In NBC Obama Infomercial

‘Dreams’ Obama Film ‘Driving The Liberal Media Crazy’:
Establishment Outlets Pushing Back As DVDs Flood Swing States

 Richard Benedetto – “How The Media Are Impacting The Election”