Must Know Headlines


Voter Fraud Rumor Of The Day:
141% Voter Turnout In St. Lucie County, Fla.

Obama Admin Has Posted 6,125 Regulations And
Notifications Over Last 90 Days, Average 68 Per Day

Buying The Election- Liberal Super PACs Spend
$200M To Secure Democratic Victories

Airport Screeners Ratify First Union Contract With TSA

We Are At The Dawn Of A New Era: Communist Party USA Thrilled
About Reelection Of Barack Obama & More Democrats

 Louisiana Residents Petition To Secede—
‘When In The Course Of Human Events, It Becomes Necessary …’

What’s Next For Obamacare Now?

Barack Obama

Obama: ‘I’ve Got The Pen Ready’ To Raise Your Taxes

Federal Workers Ask Obama For Raises

Obama’s Tax Hikes On Rich Will Kill Jobs

Video: Utah Coal Mine Lays Off 102 Workers Over Obama “War On Coal”

 Democrat-Activist Media

Andrew Sullivan: ‘Fox News Has To Be Demonized And Cut Off’

The Liberal Media Are More Powerful Than Ever

Husband Arrested In Beating Death Of Iraqi Woman;
Reported As Hate Crime

After Obama Victory, WashPost Sends Reporter
Looking For ‘Right-Wing Nuts’ Who Plan To Buy Guns

MSNBC’s Toure: “Tears of Joy For Me, The White House Is Staying Black”

NBC’s Guthrie Pushes Gun Control In Interview
With Husband of Gabrielle Giffords

Miami Columnist On CBS: GOP Losing Because Electorate
Isn’t ‘Old/Middle-Aged, Angry White Guys’ 


Ghoneim Demands Sharia, Cheers Hurricane Sandy