Must Know Headlines


Nearly 20 Percent Of US Population On Food Stamps

The Future Of The Republican Party Is In Federalist Libertarianism

WI Legislators Call For Arrest Of Federal Officials Implementing Obamacare

Low Information Voters Present Our Biggest Challenge For The GOP

Week Later, More Than 300,000 Ohio Votes Remain Uncounted

How Much Deficit Reduction Would Obama’s Tax On The Rich Accomplish?

Six States Challenge Obama Administration’s HHS Mandate In Court

Barack Obama

Putin: Obama Plans To Visit Russia

Sheriff Joe To Obama: Let’s Meet ‘Man to Man’ To Discuss Immigration

Most Transparent Administration Ever Conducting
Business Using Secret Email Accounts

Obama’s Interior Secretary Threatens Colorado
Springs Reporter: ‘I’ll Punch You Out’

WH Refers Scandal Questions To Other Agencies 10 Times In 10 Minutes

Reporter To Carney: ‘Utterly Bizarre’ That Obama First
Learned Of Petreaus Scandal After Re-Election


CA Implements Cap And Trade Tomorrow

Democrat Sentenced For Federal Felony Bank Fraud Charge

Democratic Congressional Candidate Charged With Battery

Lady-Part-Obsessed Dem. Ohio State Senator Tells GOP: ‘Get Out Of Our Panties’

Fox’s Ralph Peters: “I Don’t Want To Hear ‘John Kerry’s A Combat Veteran’
— So Was Benedict Arnold” (Video)

Voter Identification Laws Are Trouble For Democrats 

“Hipsters On Food Stamps” …..Roasted Rabbit With Butter,
Tarragon And Sweet Potatoes…

Democrat-Activist Media

Obama’s TV Network Lays Off 450

NBC’s Gregory And BuzzFeed’s Smith Blame Conservatives
Only For ‘Polarization’ On Twitter

Your Guide To Understanding The Media For The Next Four Years

Fear-Mongering ABC Hypes Latest Global Warming Disaster: The End Of Coffee

 Defends Jason Biggs Against Sexual Tweets Aimed At GOP Spouses

NY Times Reports That MSNBC’s Ed Schultz Could
Be Replaced By WaPo’s Ezra Klein