USA TODAY: ObamaCare Resisters, Get With The Program


The liberal media tells Americans to submit to unconstitutional, federal overreach. The war against tyranny must never end in America.

USA Today:

The war is over, so find ways to make the Affordable Care Act work.

9:24PM EST November 18. 2012 – From the moment President Obama signed health reform into law in 2010, opponents were sure it wouldn’t last. Congress would repeal it, or the Supreme Court would declare it unconstitutional, or a Republican president would kill it.

To quote Texas Gov. Rick Perry, a leading foe of ObamaCare: Oops.

With Obama’s re-election, the Affordable Care Act has survived everything its opponents threw at it and is on track to take full effect starting in 2014. And that’s a good thing: It means the USA can finally join the rest of the world’s industrial democracies in guaranteeing that most of its citizens have health coverage.

But some politicians, like Japanese soldiers who hid in the jungle for years after the end of World War II, are determined to battle on. In Wisconsin, for example, nine state legislators are trying to pass legislation to allow state authorities to arrest any federal official who tries to implement ObamaCare.

These dead-enders would be doing their constituents a favor if they spent their energy and political skills not on a quixotic battle to overturn the law, but on making it work. And, because ObamaCare is far from perfect, the critics would also do well to focus their energy on improving it.

Instead, at least six governors are refusing to go along with the law’s expansion of Medicaid coverage for some of their poorest citizens, even with the federal government picking up the entire cost for the first two years, and 90% or more after that.

The writer means taxpayers from different states will be picking up the entire cost.

The latest battle is over one of the least costly and most consumer-friendly features of ObamaCare: the state health exchanges where individuals and small businesses will be able to compare and buy insurance plans, the way travelers buy airline tickets at online sites and Medicare recipients choose drug coverage. READ MORE


No, the 2,700 page healthcare bill sucks bad. That is why the President and Congress won’t be participating in it.




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USA TODAY: ObamaCare Resisters, Get With The Program

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