Must Know Headlines


Food Stamp Enrollment Skyrockets As Unemployment Rate Declines

Study: US Faces Shortage Of 52K Doctors By 2025

$135B In FY12 Disability Payments Exceeded
In Pentagon Procurement Payments

 Malkin On Walmart Protests: ‘People Need To Understand
That Big Labor Thugs Don’t Have Workers Best Interests At Heart’

 Hamas Publicly Executes Six ‘Suspected Collaborators’
With Israel (*GRAPHIC PHOTOS*)

 Barack Obama

Obama Issues New Rules On Healthcare Coverage

Obama’s Labor Board Pushes Manufacturing Jobs Overseas

Obama’s FBI Uses Media To Smear A Whistleblower

Obama’s Benghazi Story Keeps Changing 

Obama Labor Departments Observes
“Transgender Day Of Remembrance”


Senate Dems Working On Bill To Give Feds Ability To
Access Americans’ Email With No Warrant

SEIU Worker Asks Members To Falsify
Signatures To Sink Anti-Union Measure

Obama Admin Won’t Criticize Turkey’s Accusation
That ‘Israel Is A Terrorist State’

Democrat-Activist Media

How The Press Helped Obama Over The Finish Line

AP Story On Bridge Bomb Plotters’ Sentencing Fails To Note
Their Occupy Cleveland Ties, OWS Support

ABC Relays More Terrorist Spin: ‘Gazans Simply Defending
Themselves,’ Israel Preventing ‘True Peace’

CNN Gives Two PLO Mouthpieces Time To Bash Israel

Whoopi Goldberg Retweets Massacre Lie About Israelis

The Hill Selectively Reports Polls To Push Tax-Hike Narrative

NBC News Reporter Scolds US For Not Negotiating
Directly With Hamas And Reign In Israel