Must Know Headlines


The Sweet Life Of Bakery Union Officials:
Six Figure Compensation Packages For Union Bosses

 Doctor’s Column: Nagging, Intrusive ObamaCare
‘Intentionally’ Makes Access And Care Difficult

Russian Newspaper: Obama Was Re-Elected By “Illiterate Society”

End Of Freedom Of Expression In The West (VIDEO)

Muslims Blow Up Another Church In Nigeria,
11 dead, In Two Homicide Bombings

Barack Obama

Obama Donors Got $21,000 In Government Money
For Every $1 They Gave

Now Obama Wants Your 401(k)—
Treasury, Labor On Path To Nationalize Retirement 

In Reward For Their Service Barack Obama Is Firing 20,000 Marines

White House Report: Republicans Will Ruin
Christmas If They Disagree With Obama

According To Obama, Only Obama Is Allowed A ‘Kill List’

White House Silent As Egypt’s President Grabs Power,
Moves Toward Shariah Islamic Law


Why Did Obama Broker A Victory For Hamas?

What Ceasefire? Hamas Mocks Israel With Iranian Weapons

Hamas TV Airs ‘Death To Israel!’ Music Video
Day After Agreeing To Ceasefire


 Rahm Emanuel To America: Do It The Chicago Way

Typical Progressive Bigotry, Misogyny And Racism

HHS Requiring Expanded Coverage Of
Prescription Drugs Under Obamacare

Smearing Rubio

Democrat-Activist Media

Actor Jamie Foxx At Soul Train Music Awards:
‘Give An Honor To…Our Lord & Savior Barack Obama’

Journalists Demand Liberal Action From Obama

Hoax Claiming Walmart Heiress Supported
Friday Protests Fools USA Today

MSNBC vs. Thanksgiving: Blasts Genocidal Pilgrims;
Gives Tips To ‘Shut Up’ The ‘Family Conservative’