Must Know Headlines


Rand Paul: Why Do We Have To Trade Tax Increases Just To
Get Entitlement Reform From Democrats?

 If You Think $16 Trillion National Debt Is Bad, Wait Until You Hear Cost
Of Unfunded Liabilities Like Social Security & Medicare

 2 Men Sentenced In Fast And Furious Gun Case

Grover Norquist On Buffett’s Call For Higher Taxes:
‘Write A Check And Shut Up’

Imam’s Terrorist Ties Exposed By Local News Station

Video: Following Gaza’s Ceasefire, Cleveland Rally
Calls For The Destruction Of Israel

Barack Obama

 Russian News Outlet Pravda (Previously The Official Press
 Of The USSR) Labels Obama A ‘Communist’ In Scathing OpEd

Executive Order-Crazy Obama So Far Silent On Egypt’s Executive Orders

Sandy Victim Obama Promised ‘Immediate Help’ To Is Still Waiting

More Mass Layoffs After Obama Reelection

Obama Throws Israel To The Wolves

 Great News: Obama Being Called The Lord And Savior


Yet Another Obama Interior Department Scandal Unfolds

Obama White House Continues To Mislead On Cost Of ObamaCare
& Media Continues To Give Them A Pass

Watch What Warren Buffett Does, Not What He Says

Unions, Latinos Demand Amnesty In 2013

DOJ Needed Six Months To Find No Support For Voter ID Suits

Boston Community College Art Gallery To Display
Painting Depicting Obama As Crucified Christ

Democrat-Activist Media

MSNBC Finally Reports Obama’s Drone Hypocrisy,
Three Weeks After The Election

Chris Matthews Outrageously Links Unhappy Conservatives To Hitler

TIME Honors, Ms. Pay Me To Have Sex,
 Sandra Fluke As ‘Person Of The Year’ Finalist

Los Angeles Times Lies About Israel, Again

Matt Lauer’s Bad Week—Amid Rumors Of Firing—Getting Trashed On Twitter


(Another) Study Shows Abortion Linked To High Breast Cancer Risk