Must Know Headlines


Billions Wasted On Faulty Obamacare Digital Health Record Experiment

White House Data Debunk Myth Bush Cuts Built Deficit

Have You Heard About The Quietly-Released
Obama Memo On ‘Insider Threat Policy’?

Michigan Poised To Become A Right-To-Work State

Barack Obama

Reason Has Left The Building: Obama Wants $255 Billion
To Offset His Tax Increases On The Rich

Poll: Obama Voters Love Socialism

Thanks Barack. Wal-Mart To Drop Insurance For New Hires

Obama Slams Israel’s New West Bank Settlement Plans

Obama Making Up Drone Rules As He Goes— 
Americans Need Transparency Of Conventional Warfare

 Gitmo North Returns: Obama’s Shady Prison Deal


Soros’ Son Boasts Of Defeating 7 Of 8 Republicans

Obama Admin Refuses To Criticize Egypt’s New Islamist-Written Constitution
That Allows Slavery, Criminalizes Blasphemy, Doesn’t Protect Christians

Andrew McCarthy: With Rice, Benghazi Is Only The Start Of The Problem

Hillary Clinton Criticizes Israel For ‘Lack Of Empathy’ With Palestinians

Pelosi Won’t Defend First Amendment Rights Of
Historic San Francisco Catholic Hospital 

Dems Propose $1 Trillion To Forgive Student Loans

Democrat-Activist Media

For AP, Small Climate Protest Is News,
Opposition Letter From 129 Scientists Is Not

MSNBC: Those Of Us In ‘Nerd Land’ Think Obama
Is ‘Channeling The Godfather’

Oklahoma Paper Smears Conservative Groups As
‘Controversial’ For Advocating Bipartisan School Reform

For MSNBC, The Republicans’ “War On Women”
Is Alive And Well [Video]

War On Women’s Brains: Sandra Fluke Person Of The Year?


AAA Says Certain Ethanol Fuel Can Damage Cars,
Asks EPA To Remove From Pumps