16 States Using Voting Machines From George Soros-Linked Company

Must Know Headlines


Iraqi Refugee Arrested For Bombing Arizona Social Security
Office With IED, Media Silence Ensues

State Department Spent 4.5 Million For Embassy Art,
Had No Money For Benghazi Security

Sandy-Ravaged Communities Dealing With Cold And Lack
Of Housing While FEMA Trailers Sit Idle In PA

Distorting The Facts To Aid Democrat Candidates Comes Naturally To Susan Rice

 Biden Congratulates Accused Child Rapist Who
Withdrew From Delaware State Senate Race

‘Flabbergasted’ Boehner Says Obama’s Plan Has
More Spending Than Spending Cuts

Barack Obama

Obama Increases Spending For Special-Interest Predators

Obama Pushing New Cap-And-Trade Tax Plan As Fiscal Cliff Talks Stall

Student Loan Bailout Would Consume 62% Of New Obama Taxes

Pathetic: Obama Campaign Still Asking For Contributions

Obama’s Most Dangerous Tax Hike: Savings And Investments

Obama Honors Comedian Who Called Sarah Palin Slutty And Joked
About Her 14 Year-Old Daughter Getting Knocked Up

Tax Cheat Timmy

Geithner Claims Obama’s Fiscal Plan Is Balanced

Video: Geithner Says “No Deal”
Without Higher Marginal Tax Rates

Democrat-Activist Media

ABC’s Cokie Roberts Urges ‘Cut The Knees Out From Under’ Norquist

Costas Uses NFL Murder-Suicide To Push Gun Laws

Barbra Streisand Calls Obama ‘Transparent,’
Rips McCain On Benghazi-Gate 

Sloppy Reporting, Media Bias Downplay
Very High Immigrant Birth Rates

Thom Hartmann Blames Black Friday Store Fights
On ‘Thirty Years Of Reaganomics’


United Nations Declares Contraception Access A “Human Right”

Louisiana Judge Rules Jindal’s Voucher Program Violates State Constitution

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