Must Know Headlines


Sorry Libs… The NRA Was There to Help Blacks Defend Themselves
From KKK Democrats, Not The Other Way Around

Michael Moore Received $841,145 In Incentives To Film
Anti-Corporate Welfare Documentary In Michigan

Palin: ‘What Goes Beyond Socialism … Is Communism’

GOP Offers $4.6 Trillion In Tax Cuts To Obama

FreedomWorks Urges Activists To Call Speaker Boehner’s
Office To Stop The Fiscal Conservative Purge

Apply The BP Standard of Responsibility To Benghazi

Barack Obama

Put ‘Fiscal Cliff’ Talks On C-SPAN – What’s Obama Afraid Of?

Sessions: Obama’s ‘Secret’ Plan ‘Increases
Spending By More Than $1 Trillion’

As Americans Face A Fiscal Cliff, The Obamas
Make Do With 54 Christmas Trees

Obama Campaign Still Asking For Donations

Obama’s Fundamental Transformation Of Our Schools 

U.S. Electric-Car Maker Praised By Obama Probed Over Foreign Parts


Dem. Illinois State Rep Indicted

Eric Holder Cons the Courts To Save
Voting Rights Act (PJ Media Exclusive)

Key Fast and Furious Official Leaves Justice Department

The Perks Of Being A Union Executive

Rahm Emanuel Likens Obama To Lincoln

Democrat-Activist Media

Obama, Media Whitewash Morsi’s Pro-Jihad, Anti-Jew Past

Toure Attacks Gun Owners, Soldiers, And Police In Anti-Gun Rant

Left-Wing Media Plans To Get Tough On Obama,
 Push Him Farther To The Left 

CNN Blames Culture Of ‘Manliness’ For Belcher Murder/Suicide

Snobby Press Ignores How Biblically-Based, ObamaCare-Challenging
Retail Chain Grows and Pays Employees Well

NY Times Attacks Texas For Attracting Business

Honest Barry? Media Hype Comparisons Of Obama To Lincoln

Fiscal Cliff: ABC Talks Taxes 17 Times More Than Spending Cuts


Apply The BP Standard of Responsibility To Benghazi