Must Know Headlines


How Obamacare Incentivizes More Debt, Less Investment

Two Stimulus-Backed Solar Companies Announce Expansion … In China!

Iran Aims Biological Warheads At Israel

Choke The Life Out Of Obamacare

Planned Parenthood: 330,000 Abortions, 841 Adoptions, 0 Births

Egypt Protestor’s Sign: Obama Your Bitch Is Our Dictator

Barack Obama

Obama Wrong: Housing, Not Tax, Policy Caused Recession

The Fiscal Cliff: What Does Obama Really Want?
Taxes Hikes Are A Distraction. It Is All About Spending

Boehner Will Do Deal Obama Wants, But Obama Wants To
Go Over The Cliff And Destroy The Republican Party

Obama: Boehner’s Cliff Counteroffer Is “Still Out Of Balance”—
Plus, Carney: “Magic Beans And Fairy Dust”

Norquist: Obama ‘Hostile And ‘Insulting’ To GOP On Debt Deal

DHS Confirms: Deportation Of Obama’s Uncle On
Hold As Immigration Board Re-Opens Case 


Cutter: Obama Campaign Never Claimed ‘Bain Was Bad’

‘Paid Government Volunteers’ Receive Food Stamps, Too

Obnoxious Dem Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee Claims There Was A
$5.6 Trillion Surplus When Bill Clinton Left Office

Rice Allegedly Helped Thwart Effort that May Have
Prevented 1998 Africa Embassy Bombings 

Ugh: Rep. Maxine Waters Named Ranking Member
On Financial Services Committee 

Democrat-Activist Media

Hollywood Hates Corporations, Loves Corporate Cash

Media Spins Red State Shootings For Gun Control,
Ignores Blue State Shootings

ABC Plunges Off Credibility Cliff: Touts Tax Hikes
Over Spending Cuts By Absurd 17-1 Margin

 Politico’s Sycophants Call Dems’ 2012 Guv Race
Efforts (Net One Slot Lost)  ‘Successful’

Obama Consults With MSNBC Hosts Sharpton, Maddow On Tax Rates 

CBS Blames Jovan Belcher Murder-Suicide
On ‘Gun Culture’ In NFL And U.S.

Comedian: Liberal Comics ‘Don’t Want To Make Fun Of Obama
Because They Feel That It Will Weaken Him’