Tax-Exempt Status And Sweetheart Obamacare Exemptions Keep Big Labor Wealthy


Yes, the same labor unions that LOBBIED FOR OBAMACARE are exempt from the god awful 2,700 page healthcare bill until 2018….. and after.


President Obama’s story-tellers recently launched a White House blog series called “Voices of Health Reform,” where “readers can meet average Americans already benefiting from the health reform law.” I propose a new White House series: “Voices of Health Reform Waivers,” where taxpayers can meet all the politically-connected unions benefiting from exclusive get-out-of-Obamacare passes — after squandering millions of their workers’ dues to lobby for the job-killing, private insurance-sabotaging law from which they are now exempt.

At the end of last year, the Department of Health and Human Services had granted some 222 temporary waivers to businesses small and large, insurers, labor, and other organizations that offer affordable health insurance or prescription drug coverage with limited benefits. On Wednesday, the agency quietly updated its online list, which now reveals a whopping total of 729 Obamacare escapees – in addition to four states Massachusetts, New Jersey, Ohio, and Tennessee – who collectively cover 2.1 million enrollees.

At least one eyebrow-raising waiver recipient – the left-leaning, nationalized health care-promoting Robert Wood Johnson Foundation – has direct ties to the White House. Obama health care czar Nancy DeParle sits on the foundation’s board of trustees.

Most noteworthy: One-fourth of all the waivers (182) have gone to Big Labor groups across the country so far.

The Teamsters Union, which hailed Obama last March for “enacting historic health care reform, providing health insurance to millions of Americans who don’t have it and controlling costs for millions more who do,” obtained waivers for 17 different locals.

The United Food and Commercial Workers International Union (UFCW), which celebrated the passage of Obamacare as “an achievement that will rank among the highest in our national experience,” secured waivers for 28 different affiliates.

The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers — which exulted after the health care law’s passage that “finally, affordable and comprehensive health care coverage will be available for millions of working Americans” — saw 8 of its affiliates win shelter from the Obamacare wrecking ball.

The Communications Workers of America, which sent its workers to lobby for Obamacare on Capitol Hill as part of the left-wing billionaire George Soros-funded Health Care for America Now front group, snagged a waiver that will spare a hefty 19,000 of its members from the onerous federal mandate.

And the Service Employees International Union, which poured $60 million into Democrat/Obama coffers in 2008 and millions more into the Astroturf campaign for the federal health care takeover, added four new affiliates to the waiver list:…………………………..

But Big Labor’s cozy Cadillac-tax escape clause is effective until 2018. Even after that deadline, union dental and vision plans will remain exempt. The cost? $60 billion in forgone tax revenue. READ MORE


  • why do you think the head oftheAFL-CIO see the opresident every time he can. He tells the president that his “boys” aspent 400 million dolllars on his re-election campain and it is time to pay up. It is a “QUID PRP QUO”, cronyism at it’s worst. How that for transparency in obama’s administration?

  • Obama promised fundamental transformation but everything was and still is built on lies. Head of the AFL-CIO is a Communist. Labor unions and Communism go way back. BFF. Barry’s a Marxist, Saul Alinsky, Socialist, Commie too. Whatever they say goes. Fundamental Transformation. This amnesty will bring in tens of millions of new illegal foreigners who are all reproducing like rabbits. Many will be on welfare. We don’t have the jobs so they’ll be taking ours and taking the taxpayer dollars. It’s going to cost taxpayers billions upon trillions. They are being rewarded for breaking the law. But the entire Democrat Party and Progressive Republicans (who I think are plants b/c you can’t be that stupid) get voters and the unions get new, ignorant, can’t speech English, uneducated due payers aka “workers”.

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