Must Know Headlines


The “Never Let A Crisis Go To Waste” Award
For Exploiting Tragedy To Promote Liberalism

The Sandra Fluke Award
For Promoting Obama’s Phony “War On Women”

50,000 GM Union Workers To Bag Taxpayer Funded Year-End Bonuses

Arab Spring Becomes Islamist Winter

CAIR Leader Teams With Radical, Jew-Hating Imam

Barack Obama

White House Chef Joins The Obamas In Hawaii

Obama Goes Golfing W/Friend Arrested For Soliciting Prostitute

Egypt’s Draft Constitution Gives Shariah-Law
Role To Islamic Center Obama Praised In 2009

Obama Thanks Troops In Weekly Address – And To Show His
Thanks He’ll Cut Half A Million Military Jobs

Obama To Boehner: ‘You Get Nothing — I Get That For Free’

Obama Referred To Himself More Than 60 Times
During Sen. Inouye’s Funeral Service

Will Obama Include His Hollywood Supporters In The Discussion
About Repairing A Culture That ‘Glorifies Guns And Violence’?

WSJ: Obama Threatened Boehner With Using
Inauguration, SOTU Address To Blame GOP

Democrat-Activist Media

Bob Schieffer Wrongly Imagines His Brainy
Guest Ben Affleck Went To Harvard

Lawrence O’Donnell: NRA’s LaPierre Is
‘The Lobbyist For Mass Murderers’

Actual CNN Segment: Should We Profile White Men
After Newtown Shooting?

CNN’s Piers Morgan Upset Over White House
Petition Calling For His Deportation

CBS-Owned Showtime Is Doubling Down On Vatican-Bashing Shows