Must Know Headlines


School Obama’s Daughters Attend Has 11 Armed Guards

Armed Guards Good For David Gregory’s Kids’ School, Not For The Rest Of Us

NRA Chief: Why Can’t You See That Armed
School Guards (For Our Kids) Is A Good Idea?

The Politics Of Gun Control

A Christmas Prayer Amid The Horror

Vandals Deface Nativity Scene, Draw Swastikas, Male Genitalia

Afghan Policewoman Kills US Adviser In Kabul

Barack Obama

The Madness Of Keynesian Economics

Friday Before Christmas Document Dump –
Obama Releases List Of Regulations He Will Impose On America

Fundraiser: Dems Start Charging ‘Membership’ Fee To Support Obama

Obama Army Teams Going To 35 African Nations As Terror Threat Grows

Report: Obama’s Christmas Vacation Likely To Top $4 Million

Obama Claims Job Growth As Food Stamp Rolls Explode

Obama Gives Cold Shoulder To Egyptian Secular Democrats

Obama Really Knows How To Pick ‘Em: Islamists Hijack
Syrian Revolution, Announce Post-Assad Sharia Plan

Advertising Guru Sells Hamptons Estate:
‘I Don’t Want My Money Going To Obama’

Democrat-Activist Media

Lib NY Paper Publishes Names & Addresses
Of Legal Gun Permit Holders

CNN’s Roland Martin: Put Pictures Of Newtown
Children’s Bullet Riddled Corpses On Display

U.S. Press Won’t Report That Egypt’s Constitution Is Sharia-Based — And Socialist

NBC’s David Gregory Bashes NRA Chair Over ‘Common Sense’

NPR Fudges The Facts On Border Security

Think Progress Denies Link Between Mental Illness And Mass Shootings

NPR’s Gross Plays Tee-ball With Gun Grabber,
Compares Gun Lobby To Terrorists


12 Days of Obamacare Surprises:
The Independent Payment Advisory Board

Republicans Fight For Small, Democrats For Big, Business

Tawana Brawley Found 25 Years After Rape Hoax