15 Fake News Stories Since Trump Won POTUS

Obama Goes Golfing For The 110th TIME OF HIS PRESIDENCY, Obama Supporters & The Media Silent


President George W. Bush golfed 24 times in 8 YEARS, and the media and Democrat Party destroyed him for that. But not Obama. Democrats NEVER get upset about Obama’s obscene golf habit. To them, he deserves it. And the media rarely, if ever, mention Obama’s disgraceful amount of golf played while President let alone tally it up and harp on it until he quits the sport all together like Bush did. That’s the Democrat- Media Complex for you. It’s almost like they are working together to elect and reelect Democrats….oh wait, they are.

Bush: I quit golf over Iraq war.  And democrats laughed at that decision like he was some kind of idiot. But it’s so cool when Obama does it or they just don’t know?




Well, almost Christmas Eve. Anyway, President Obama is back on the golf course, for the second time of his Hawaii vacation. He is back where he played Saturday, at Marine Corps Base Hawaii.

It’s the 110th time of his presidency and the 18th outing of the year.

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1 jasonhodge December 26, 2012 at 9:07 am

This could have been a great campaign issue…but NOBODY CARED TO USED IT—GOLFER-IN-CHEIF.

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