16 States Using Voting Machines From George Soros-Linked Company

Must Know Headlines


Sen. Rand Paul: People In Congress Should Not Be Sent Any More Money…
“They’re Not To Be Trusted” (Video)

The Man (Democrat Harry Reid) Who Failed To Pass
A Budget In 3 Years Calls Opposition A Dictator

US Government Paying For Birth Control,
Abortion And Sex Changes For Illegal Aliens

Ring In The New Year With Your New Healthcare Taxes

U.S. Taxpayers Will Continue To Pay More Than One-Fifth of U.N. Budget

Obama’s Labor Board Bails Out Big Unions Again

Rampage Rick: You Have To Watch CNBC’s Santelli’s Epic
Anti-Fed, Anti-Washington, Anti-Easy Money Rant

Well-Born’ Students Have Armed Protection In Elite Schools

Barack Obama

Obama: I Ran For Office Again To Keep Men With Guns Around My Daughters

 Obama Hometown Hits 500 Murders In 2012

Obama Hails Kwanzaa Holiday, So Why Not Easter?

Allen West: Obama In ‘Fantasy World’ In Cliff Talks

Obama’s Regulatory Surge Empowers Bureaucrats

Democrat-Activist Media

MSNBC’s Toure: Gun Owners Should Be Treated Like Sex Offenders

Barbara Walters Has No Political Questions
For Obamas; Asks About Family Dog Bo

Star Jones: Racist GOP ‘Salty About (Light)
BROWN Man In The WHITE House’

Meet Gabriel Sherman, Poster Boy Of
Tax-Deductible Lefty Journalism, Part II

Laws, Little People And The Public Interest:
The David Gregory Magazine Story Continues To Unfold

Now CNN Anchor Wants To Amend Bible

CNN Throws Liberal Smears And Talking Points At NRA


NARAL President Quitting, Cites Lack of Young Abortion Activists

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